MXT Relic Mode...Alternate Search

Hey Gang,

I'd like your thoughts and experiences with this mode of operation. I've been using this for just about everything for the past couple months and have been quite pleased with the results. As you know, target separation and response on the MXT is very quick. :smile:

In the areas I've been working as of late, mineralization is not a problem. I prefer to run mainly trigger forward, 0 on the Dual Control, +3 on the Gain (when I can), and the Ground in Auto. I have the stock, 4X6DD, and Super 12 coils....although the stock has been my bread and butter coil.

Hawk, I've been running mostly in coin and jewelry mode for now, but I'm gonna try boosting the gain up over the preset of 9.5, since I see you been running at the max (+3). I have used relic to try to determine the size of an object, especially on a deep target, then used prospecting, to see percent of iron, if it shows 10,20,30 percent chance of iron, I'll dig (trying to avoid those large pieces of farm buried junk !! lol, Rich.
Hey Rich,

It sounds like you're not afraid to tweak stuff here and there.....Good for you!....That's how you learn! :smile:

I seem to get better depth running in relic mode and it seems to be the simplest for me in discerning stuff. You will find alot of iffy signals at the preset will become more distinct when you crank up the Gain.

Thanks Hawk, I'm gonna try crankin up the gain. You know why the MXT has so many settings ?? .... SO YA CAN TRY EM !!!! You'll never know, unless you try !! Rich.
Hey Rich,

I like your reasoning! It's a good thing you're not a mountain climber...Every mountain you saw, you would have to climb, "Because it was there"...haha. Heck, you'd never find time to detect!

I'll be interested to see how you do with your tweaking....what works for you...what doesn't. It's all good. :biggrin:

The "Hawk MXT Alternate Search Mode Saga" continues.......

I've had this small sterling silver ring soaking for the past week. It was found between 5 and 6 inches. Because of the thin ring geometry and probably how it was positioned, it gave me varying VDI's....bouncing in the 60's and low 80's. As an experiment, since I worked this area before in normal mode, each of the targets I'm digging, I'm dialing the gain back to "normal" to see how the machine responds. I dig most literally all the cases, normal mode is reading very very faint or non-existent for these deeper targets.

Hey MXTer's.....what's working for you?



I experimented with bumping up the gain, this past weekend. I'd say Hawk, you're right about the faint signals getting stronger, also tends to be chattery, but I don't mind that at all. If you're in an area with a lot of targets, it's beter to turn down to around 10, clear out most of the targets, then go over it again on max. Had some coin signals, that would jump on 10, but would lock on max. Another tool to use, thanks for the heads up, Rich.

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Being a fairly new MXT owner, I'm enjoying this thread. Haven't been out hunting lately, due to extreme dry and hard ground, but I'm pickin' up a few pointers......:bthumb:
I run the Relic mode 90% of the time and use both the trigger forward and the regular position depending on what I am trying to do with the MXT. The Relic mode is very versatile and I find it to perform the best overall for Coins, Jewlery and Relics. There's a book called the MXT Edge by Jeff Foster that really goes up and above explaining the MXT modes, it goes into great detail about the advantages of the Relic mode. I feel the book is a must read for any MXT owner.:bthumb:

Take Care, :smile:
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