MXT Roll Call

Team MXT

Hey gang,

Nice to see a number of you answering the roll call! Look forward to seeing additional MXTer's answering as time goes on. :wink:



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Yep i have had 2 so far and convinced 5 other people to buy them as well,now i'm sorry as they are finding just as much as me now....:doh:
My White's MXT came today. I took out my BH TIV as I didn't have time to review the DVD or owners guide. I got $0.27 at the ball diamond and about 200 pull tabs. Going to take the MXT out at lunch tomorrow and see if I can do better.
Hi I'm john a MXT owner and thankful to be a recovering Tesoro Vaquero owner:lol: I'm not bashing the Vaquero mind you but for me that machince made me want to quit hunting the day I started hunting. I just didnt feel that machine was for me.


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Ask that question next week and I will be in the ranks of the MXT users. Waiting for mine to arrive next week sometime. It will be my first detector also.