MXT Roll Call

I've got an MXT 300 on order. Did have a DFX, then sold it to get another brand of detector - grass is greener syndrome. I'm selling it and am going back to Whites. I can't wait to get the MXT 300 with the new coil.
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Count me in here have had mine since last November which is when I also started this hobby. I think for a newbie there is a lot to learn as that every time I go out I seem to learn something new.

I use my MXT as my primary detector. I have the 9.50 coil, 4X6 coil and a 15X12 sef coil. The MXT is equipt with the Sunray DX1 pin pointer. I love this system.


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I'm looking into a new detector.... Maybe an MXT after reading all of these posts. I currently use a Tesoro Cortes.

Yep, Shawn I guess we cant join for now!! :lol:

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This thread never ceases to amaze me!!!
Lots of MXTers and knowledge out there.

Bring it on!!


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Just bought a used one day before yesterday. Went to some worked over sites today and dug five nickles. All Jeffersons and all 3-6 inches deep. Its gold gathering heritage sure shows through but dont know about the silver yet.