MXT....The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I picked up an MXT about a month ago. I've had a Compass Coin Scanner which has served me well since the early 90's and figured it was about time for an upgrade. I'm no professional MDer, but here is how I see it thus far.

The Good: For the money, I really like the idea of having a high end machine that is basically 3 detectors in one unit. It's well balanced and the readout is pretty simple to understand. I've found some nice stuff in the coin and jewelry mode and also the relic mode (Lots of coins, relics, and my first gold ring). Out of the box, with the standard Eclipse 950 coil, it is light years ahead of anything I have used. I have yet to do pure nugget/picker shooting in the prospecting mode, but have put some small gold samples out to check it with the 4X6 DD coil and it picks up some pretty small stuff. I've found the 4X6 DD coil has worked great for me in some pretty trashy areas I've been working that tends to be higher in mineralization. I've also picked up the Super 12 coil. It too, works well and I can cover quite an area with it.

The Bad: The only thing I can think of is if White's could come out with some kind of processor chip "add-on" to plug into your brain. This would give you instant MXT knowledge all at once for optimally running this machine at any time, for all the different conditions, coils, settings.....etc (Of course, isn't this something we all wish for with any machine we are running?) haha

The Ugly: Looking at my facial expression when I'm in the middle of detecting and the low battery signal lights up and realize I left the spare batteries at home!



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Welcome Hawk to treasure Quest...Happy Hunting with your new machine...Please to post your finds....Buster....:smile: :smile:


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Welcome to TQ! Im sure with a little use you will become one with that MXT very quickly. Oh yeah, always check your battery stash before you leave the house lol
Hey Hawk, glad to see you get o good machine and are getting some use out of it. Im new to detecting myself, and landed on the MXT. Seems to be a great machine. Only had mine out for a hour or so. Been doing some research and poking around on places to go in my area. Gonna try and get out tonight for awhile.

Have fun with it, and post some pics...



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Congrats on a sweet machine Hawk! I have heard many good things about the MXT. I wish you good hunting with it, Beale.


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Hey Hawk... Go to google or Yahoo and Type in MXT Detector Forums then Click on... The Very Unofficial MXT User Support Home Page ! Great Info on Understanding the MXT. Hope This Helps.
The Tinman........That's a real nice site you pointed me to (The Very Unofficial MXT User Support Home Page)....Thanks!! It is definitely a meat and potatoes site for sure......very easy to follow and understand!

I also have to recommend "The MXT Edge" by Jeff Foster. It satisfies the techie in me and is one heck of a reference for all aspects of the MXT.....the guy knows his stuff.