my 705 demo


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Good Video,
I like the Big I.D. number readout.
I was just wondering if ya ever tried it with a DD Coil?


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I don't think the 705 has a DD coil available. Great video
It has several different DD coil options. I have the elliptical HF DD. It works really well to separate targets. My next coil will be a LF coincentric. Then probably a MF 10 inch DD. This is a very fun machine to learn!
I have just depleted my first set of batteries, so I would say I have close to 30 hrs experience with it. I can't wait to try the DEEPER seeking coils. From what I understand, the lower frequency coils will also hit harder on the silver, so I won't experience as many wrap around signals(falsing on iron targets).
The target ID numbers should also be more accurate, beings the bins are expanded on the higher conductive targets, with the lower frequency .;)


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and I heard the 18 KHZ freq kills on gold.... I only had the stock coil.
I haven't come across any gold yet, but I will say the 18 khz is very sensative. It will pick up a small necklace that my dfx won't even make the slightest sound on in 15 khz. I'm confident that if I go over any gold, the 705 will find it! All I have to do is dig-it!:)


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Friend has a 705 GOLD as they call them, and can order them as.... same detector/coil combo....
He air tested... coin garden tested... and has a few high end detectors (ETrac also by Minelab) and said a few times that the 705 with the 18 KHZ coil hit and nothing else did on small gold and deep....


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Very enjoyable video Viddy. Even though I went to an E-Trac, I keep up on my 705 stock coil.
Q. What camera system are you using. Gotta get me one of those.


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If you are in that 'above ACE, F2, Vaquero, 305' range, but not in the 'ETrac, V3i' range, don't rule out the AT Pro. I just got one about a week ago, air tested and had it out for about an hour! WOW! is it impressive! I ran it wide open... totally hot... and thru some chatter it BANGED the coins out! 8"+ on a few.

adk dirtdigger

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Nice video on the machine. My hunting buddy is getting one very soon. I've got the AT Pro and have been kicking his butt on hunts. I hope with this one, he will stop whining like a little girl. :D


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If you are in that 'above ACE, F2, Vaquero, 305' range, but not in the 'ETrac, V3i' range, don't rule out the AT Pro. I just got one about a week ago, air tested and had it out for about an hour! WOW! is it impressive! I ran it wide open... totally hot... and thru some chatter it BANGED the coins out! 8"+ on a few.
That is where I am at I have the ace250 with the bigger coil and am looking to upgrade... Ive narrowed it down to either the ATPro(because I am used the the 250) or the 705 I know the 705 is a bit more but I am willing to pay more if it is worth it. Since you have used both which do you like better?


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GRIFF... I am writing you a good, no BS, review of both sinced I own/owned both the AT Pro and 705, which will be better than just the side by side KellyCo chart or the 'this sucks/that sucks' comparisons. I have it 1/2 written, had to save it to Word, since my GF is making me go buy a Christmas tree right now....LOL.


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GRIFF... I used a friend's ACE250, owned the 705, and currently using an AT Pro & Etrac.

Since I am not 'brand loyal', & 'results-loyal' on the AT Pro (stock coil) & 705 (stock coil), I'll give you my two-cents, especially since I have owned both and used them a lot.

Putting the $ difference aside, I will give you my opinion on both from experience, the similarities, and throw a few questions for you to answer about the unique features of each that you may use or not need, that will help you make your decision. In the end... you'll win with either detector. If at the end of this review you lean towards one of the other?...go with it!... don't second guess yourself, and you'll be diggin the loot!


WEIGHT/FEEL... about the same and both feel good swinging and how the weight is distributed.

TDI/NOTCH/DEPTH/TONES/DEPTH INDICATOR... both have the TDI, depth indicator, notch feature. The 705 lets you notch our more bars and has more tones, but once you jump from the ACE250, you'll appreciate the TDI either way. Both TDI numbers were great to have and after you use a TDI display you'll use it in combo with the tones for picking thru garbage. Depth indicators work about the same accuracy.

SWING SPEED/RECOVERY TIME... Both detectors can be used with a fast swing speed as compared to my Etrac (slow n low), but I'd put the AT Pro with a faster swing speed and recovery time... lightning fast!... swinging fast and still not losing targets. The only detector I owned that was as fast was a T2 (AKA: F75 variant).

DEPTH... Both detectors had about the same depth on similar targets. I have air tested both and used both in my coin garden with close results. The 705 hit a little better on the super small stuff like the back of a 14kt earing and a small computer screw. The AT Pro frequency is 15 khz vs the 705 frequency is 7.5, and maybe that, as well as ground conditions, played a factor.

GROUND BALANCE... both have automatic and manual ground balancing & were easy to set up.

SENSITIVITY... both have adjustable sensitivity, & you can run both machines pretty 'hot' if you want too. Both have about the same chatter when running all out... very hot. Not as bad as my F2. LOL.

PINPOINT... both pinpointed very consistently over & over in the same spot on the detectors. That's what counts, so you know where to dig, and not hit/nick stuff. My AT Pro a little high center coil, & the 705 a little low from center of coil. Once you know where it is, you can dig a plug the size of a soup can over and over with either detector.

WARRANTY/SERVICE... 2 years Garrett, 3 years Minelab. I have dealt with Garrett and Minelab for service issues, not on the AT Pro or 705, but both have been great and exceeded my expectations, from the phone call, thru the resolution, to the follow-up. Minelab had a few bad years during that transition which you can read about online in people's posts but that is long past. Any reps reading this(?)

NOISE CANCELING... This is actually a detectors ability to shift a the detector's operating freqency to avoid EMI. The 705 has a great noise canceling option that I used after the auto ground balance and the AT Pro let's you jump frequencies at the push of a button.

SCREEN DURABILITY/ACCESSORIES... the screens on the 705 and the AT Pro both have the same durability. They will scratch, but not as easily as the Fishers will. Both detectors have accessory options like head unit covers.


COILS... The stock coil on the AT Pro is a DD & the stock coil on the 705 is a concentric. The DD coils are amazing. I liked the AT Pro coil better and the way it covers the ground better with the chance of not missing a target and the seperation. I never got another coil on the 705 besides the stock one, and found a great deal of loot with it. GETTING ADDITIONAL COILS?.... the 705 can change coils by changing frequencies... the AT Pro can't change frequencies. On the 705 you can jump some great numbers in Khz to cover where you want to hunt JUST by changing the coils.

VOLUME/TONES... Minelab's soft multi-tones vs Garrett's bell-tones. I liked the Minelab tones but my GF likes the bell tones which she said 'sound like hitting a slot machine', which is like the ACE250. The AT Pro in Pro-Mode has the rolling tones (like your ACE250 on steroids), but 28 tones on the Minelab was nice. it will come down to personal opinion. HEADPHONES OR NO?... If you are wearing headphones with adjustable volume, then either detector is fine. IF you DON'T wear headphones, the 705 has an adjustable volume, the AT Pro is loud in the parks.
GOLD PROSPECTING... the 705 has a gold prospecting mode and the AT Pro does not. It allows the 705 to be more sensitive to smaller targets in more tough terrain. I actually tried running this a few times and I think it would be great out in Arizona, for example, but in western PA, it was not efficient. The AT Pro runs a 15 Khz frequency that is actually 3 Khz under their AT Gold detector, which runs at 18 khz. Pretty close there. And the F75 runs at 13 Khz, so the AT Pro is already pretty hot for picking up gold as it is.

WATERPROOF... You probably know this is the AT Pro's claim to fame and it's marketing perk. Both detectors have waterproof coils, so feel free to submerge in the puddles. With the batteries and all controls in the 705 control head, it is easy putting a Ziploc freezer bag over the control unit and detecting in the rain, BUT don't get any water in the 705 or fizzle! I actually bought my AT Pro to back up my Etrac on those 'maybe a chance of rain' since I didn't want to fry my $1500 Etrac. I use the AT Pro a lot and it's nice not having to worry about the weather. It's big test was last summer down at the Outer Banks, NC. I was at the beach for a week and decided to put it thru the test in the ocean. It was under warranty so I rolled the dice. The AT Pro was amazing in the surf! Waves crashing over it over and over and it performed flawlessly. The only chatter was when I'd hit a sandbar or a big wave crashed over it. The 705 does have a 'beach mode' button and it's done...that I did not test but is a preset for hunting at the beach and avoiding the chatter/noise that comes with either VLF detector.

THRESHOLD... if you like having that slight 'hum' in the backround when you scan areas, the 705 has it and the AT Pro does not. Some people like it and for some people, it does not matter. Threshold is like the 'squelch' on the old BC radios. If you turn it too high you will lose a lot of signals - to low and you listen to a lot of noise. You can adjust it on the 705 so you don't miss the slightest target noise.

IRON AUDIO... A feature on the AT Pro that the 705 does not. If you are in an iron rich area like me, western PA, then it matters. It allows you to pick out the slightest targets by hearing the iron around it and adjusts the volume based on depth of targets.

BACKLIGHTING... The 705 has a backlighting for dusk and night hunting and the AT Pro does not. I found myself hunting just after dark with the 705 just because 'I could'...LOL. You still need a good flashlight or head lamp for digging though.

.....IN SUMMARY.....

Which to buy? Both units will find the goodies for sure. IF you learn either unit well... and I mean many many hours on it... you can smoke a person/noobie with a brand new Etrac, V3i, F75, Cortes, or GTI2500. The AT PRo and 705 are the detectors that are better than the base models but not in the +$1000 range. I spent countless hours with my 705 when I got it, and was able to hold my own with the big dogs in Pittsburgh, PA that always post on YouTube with the Safari and Etracs. Tylerope, on this forum, is a friend I hunt with and uses the AT Pro and is a BEAST when we go out finding old coins.

IF I was going to compare the AT Pro and the 705 to cars...and if you follow me on this...I would compare each of the detectors to these cars. The AT Pro is like a Jeep. Rugged, all terrain, might be a little unrefined, but will get the job done in any condition. The 705 is like a Subaru WRX. Precise, more bells and whistles, fast and high tech to do the job.

SO what are you leaning towards? I hope this was some help. You won't go wrong in what you get after upgrading from your ACE250. Not to knock the ACE250, but with either of these detectors, you are gonna have a field day! You picked 2 detectors that I can honestly say 'fit that mid level range perfectly'! Not to knock the Vaqueros, MXT Pros, F5s, Omegas, etc... but you picked the AT Pro which... in my mind lives up to the hype, and the the 705 which flies under the radar of the world famous Etrac.

Good luck!