My Experiance and ?'s

I first saw my dad dowse for a water leak in our front yard when I was just a kid. I had no idea what he was doing. I tried it later and had no luck nor did I really know what I was doing..Then 40 years later ( like 2 months ago) the local weather man did it for the first time on LIVE TV and was shocked to learn he could do it..

SO..remembering my past experiance and watching my dad..I went online and built my rods and I am experiancing 99% accuracy! Ive done the cemetary thing, tracked water, looked for my keys, looked for my vehicle, asked questions etc..and only had 1 bad answer at the cemetary..

Here is my question..I am a born agan Christian..Deep faith in God..From a spiritual standpoint..Im not convinced this is wrong, and im not convinced its really right either...I have read all the pros and cons from a spiritual standpoint....I have several bibles and asked the rods to locate one of them specifically and they had no hesitation to where it was at...Im just so amazed at its accuracy im having! Might I ad I seem to be sensitive to paranormal activity from other things Ive had happen..

Just dont know what to think..ANY HELP OR IDEAS from fellow Christians???


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Never tried it, but have heard a lot about it. I think some people have the ability, and some don,t.
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I'm not a Christian but I do have a deep faith in God so correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole new testament covenant about dispensing with the overly complicated laws of the Torah and replacing them with human conscience? Mankind would be able to follow this inner compass in order to align themselves with divine law.
So ask yourself if this feels unconscienable? Are you doing anything that feels wrong, anything that is evil, anything that your god given inner compass tells you not to do? We are all expressions of God's will and created in that image so dowsing is an extention of this divine will, so long as you follow your inner compass.

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I am not a Christian, but I have been called a very Religious Man and a Spiritual Man. I think we all have a sense of Moral right and wrong. Do you think what you are doing is Morally wrong? I don't think so!!!:smile::smile::smile:
No I dont think its morally wrong..Spiritually I dunno..Im just not sure..But an update on my latest findings..I did locate the spot where a friend of mine died using the L rods..also located an old building a friend built, some shell casings, an orange construction marker and a few coin....I knew where all of the above was before hand BUT did not know about the location of the shell casings or one of the coins...

The L rods did keep taking me to 2 spots which I cant find anything but they keep taking me there. Wonder whats up with that..
Hi cj

Never tried it, but have heard a lot about it. I think some people have the ability, and some don,t.
By the way, Welcome to TQ. A nice place to be.

:wave:from N.C.
God Bless

I have no clue about any of this but Ditto what Earl said.

Once you open your heart to the Lord, He will guide you and teach you His ways. He will show you what is right. I had heard decades ago that if there is an atom sized doubt, then maybe you shouldn't do it OR you pray until you get an answer. Sometimes situations are right place, wrong time and perhaps keep mental notes and come back another day.

Best wishes to you!
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I'm A Christian, and I have Dowsed for water on a property I owned using 2 L rods made from coat hangers. I did find water that was onlly 5' below the surface. I had dug the hole with a pick and shovel, after taking a break for a little while I looked down and the hole had a bout a foot of water in it. I hired a guy with a back hoe to dig it out to about 12'. I might add this was durring the summer of 1988 when we had a severe drought here in Arkansas. I'm not sure about the right or wrong of it either. as far as finding anything else, I have tried but with no success on silver or gold. I have read in Revelations about diviners, witches, astrologers, not being able to enter the kingdom of heaven. But then again I not sure what context this was relating to. I have a book I just started reading called the divining hand by Christopher Bird. It is a history of dowsing, but he seems to try to call anything to do with fortune telling tarot cards and wichcraft a part of divining. I don't see the conection myself. I think if a person geniuenly has a need for something and that it is a true need, God will lead you to it. The rods, pedulem or forked stick are only tools to use to get a response to a question. I'm still studying the subject and reading different books. before I come to a conculsion either way, I need more information. I hope I haven't led you down a wrong path, but I think we are all children of God and we all have different gifts in verying degrees, some great, some small. Dowsing may be one of those gifts, I know Moses stuck a rock with a stick and a spring came forth, but not sure if he was dowsing when God led him to it.
THANKS for your imput..I pretty much agree with your opinions..Lately my succes has fallen slightly..Id say im getting a 90% accuracy...What part of Arkansas are you in?
Special gifts

Long ago, it was thought that finding water was a gift. Part of the beliefs that went with dowsing was that you were likely to lose the gift if you accepted money for doing it. If you advertised, you were also likely to lose the gift.
You were able to accept non-monetary gifts, but your reputation had to be spread by the mouths of others.
At least, that was the beliefs about dowsing in Lincoln county, I.T., according to my dad.
John Morton