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I just had the great pleasure of meeting / detecting & getting dowsing lessons from Bert this past week. If anyone doesn't think dowsing works
Pappy - Bert - and myself detected and did some gem hunting in a creek in N.C.
I mostly watched & paid attention to what the man
was telling me and doing.

Bert was walking about 15 feet or so along side the creek. I asked him to find me some green stones.
As he walked along the creek and was concentrating on me green stones the rod told him to turn left. He turned left and walked right into the water and the rod said there is a green stone 2 inches down under the water.
On my 2nd scoop I panned out a green stone.
EXACTLY where Bert said it would be.

I then asked him to locate blue stones in the water. As I followed him up the creek in the water he stopped and said check right here for the blue stones.
I started scoping up sand and rocks and mud from the bottom and there were the blue stones.
I was amazed by this mans ability & humbleness.
What impressed me the most is that
can do the same thing.

He did the same thing when we were detecting.
He said dig here and it will be a quarter
Then he said dig here and it will be a dime

I have instructional videos of his lessons. If I can do it I shall post them on line for everyone to be able to view and learn from.
It might take me a week or so as I have a few doctors appointments this and next week but I will do my best to get them up for the members to check out.

thank you so much for allowing me to become your friend and TRYING to teach me so much in a short week that has taken you years to master.


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Very exciting

I'm so interested in seeing the videos of this. I just got my first 2 pendulums yesterday. I just know that with a lot of practice, I'll be able to find something nice. I have a friend who has been dabbling, so she said she will show me how to program them, and AWAY WE GO!! :grin:

I'm so happy to hear that you were able to meet Bert Bert and learn some of the art.

Thanks for sharing!


Dowsing general discussion,my experience with BERT-BERT

Hello Boobieinpa:
And good morning to all you treasure seekers,Yes we sure had a great time this past week,dowsing and using the metal detectors,I think boobie is giving me too much credit, Boobie and Pappy taught me how to use my Garrett metal detector more efficiently, and with all there years of metal detecting they showed me things that only a master detectist would know,now I can use my dowsing wand in conjunction with my metal detector and haul in the treasure:grin:.
Pappy and I will have to plan a trip to Boobies territory and help him clean out a few areas and get those old coins---All have a great day----BERT-BERT
dowsing with L rods

Hi Boobie Pappy and Bert-Bert I only wish I could have been there to witness and take part I cant wait to see these videos that BERT and Pappy have put together,you certainly had a great time with those GREAT GUYS BERT AND PAPPY,GOODLUCK FROM PADDYWHACK.
I just read about your exciting experiences with Bert finding gems

Did you ever get Berts instructional dowsing videos up? If so can you tell me where they are so I can see them? I really want to see them.Thanks, Norman Marsh