my friday yard sale scores


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I only went to one, but got a nice new oversized adults sleeping bag in a neat carryin case, 2.00...what a score..couple nice blankets for 50 cents ea. and thats it..


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forgot one thing

I got one tea cup n saucer, I inherited my grandmothers tea cup collection so over the years, I pick up ones that are pretty and made either in england or fine bone china, my mother was going to throw out my grand ma's teacups, I rescued em..My grand ma, will always have a huge place in my heart, she basically raised me and was more of a mother to me then my own mother, so since I loved her so much, I just decided years ago, I would add to it and let the collection grow, then I can pass it along to either my daugher or my grand daughter.. thats the one thing I forgot to add on my yardsale finds..

oopsie on my part.

cyndy j

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rae-would you like some more? i used to collect them long time ago, and now they are just colleting dust...i am trying to whittle down the collections, and would like to give them to someone who would enjoy them..


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Congrats on the great scores Rae. If I had had a sleeping bag I would have gone to the river tonight. Its supposed to get down to 57 tonight and thats just too cold for me. I will sleep in my nice warm bed.