My mind is now at piece.

Well have been thinking for a while now about trading the Elite for a GT but after a lot of reading and thought decided just to keep the Elite,I thought I would gain more with the GT but it seems to run basically the same apart from the auto track that it has on the GT.My elite has done me well in the past and will still have my light weight straight shaft and 180 digital ID meter which now I and machine are one LOL yeah it does sound like a line from a super hero movie but who cares
so beaches and fields I,ll be back LOL



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You're doin' the right thing M8. :bthumb::bthumb:
I'm not a believer in changing machines very often,
since ya gotta start learnin' that new machine all over again. :banghead:

Our 250 Aces were good to us for 4 years, :alcoholic:alcoholic:alcoholic
now the Fisher F70s will have to be good for us for 4-5 years.

We're enjoyin' them, they're great detectors. :multi::multi::multi::multi:

Only problem at the moment is my leg is poisoned
under the skin grafts, :banghead::banghead:
and my foot is swelling up as well,
so can't get out as often as we'd like. :banghead::banghead: