My T2 is here!!! Thanks Viddy :-)


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My new-to-me T2 arrived today.:D The unit is like new, clean as a whistle and air tests great. Thanks for the great deal Viddy, and for the A1 packaging job you did, it got here safe and sound. Busy days ahead with the holidays approaching but the weatherman says 50 degrees here on Thursday so I'm hoping to get out and give it a whirl.

Any T2 tips would be appreciated!

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The T2 is awesome! You will like it. Since getting mine, that's all I seem to use any more. A friend has an Explorer II, and he's good with it, but the T2 finds just as much, if not more.


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Glad you got it in and ready to go! Good luck with it.
I told you I packed it good...LOL survive a 'bomb attack'...LOL
You got a great machine!
If I didn't have so much time invested in my E-Trac, I'd have kept it for myself...LOL
I am sure the folks here with the T2s have a wealth of information.