My XP Deus held it's own and then some...


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It was really kind of interesting hunting this weekend because there were three XP Deus in the same area. I really wish Chuck and I had sat down and done some "tweeking" with our machines but we didn't. I did however put a large piece of cardboard out on the ground and placed about 6 different bullets and a button or two on it so everyone could see how they rang up prior to hitting the field.

The biggest challenge we had was the hardness of the ground. It was unreal. I actually bent my Piranha shovel when trying to pull up one target. The one 3-ringer that I did manage to find was at least 6 inches down and gave me no number at all. The main reason I'm putting this post up is to point out a couple things I'll list below.

First off, this place has been beat to death. I have made 20 documented hunts on this place and I know that around 300 bullets have been pulled off it (I've pulled 107 so far). With that said, lets just say that I know that there are good targets out there but you're gonna have to work for them. The two biggest things that helped me locate the harder targets is to push the sensitivity up to 93-95. I showed this to Chuck and he immediately saw a big difference. The second thing is the fast cutoff of a good target sound when you run across it. I switched headphones and MD with Chuck and ran over a target so he could see what I was talking about. It seems that there is a very crisp cut off on the target sound when you run over a more desirable target. If the sound tails off even for a split second after you go over it, it didn't have a good as percentage of it being a keeper. No guarantee of course but when you have a lot of iffy items it helped me decide which ones I really wanted to dig up.

Here's one crazy thing that has worked for me. Even after I might get the slightest hit of a target I will lose it when I try to pinpoint it. When this happens I will put the coil as close as I can on the ground and give it a couple quick short pushes till I get that slightest little pinpoint beep. That's where I dig. I have been fortunate to pull up a bunch of small round balls up this way.

After the three days I was happy with what I had found (about 6 bullets, a silver quarter and a few misc. items) but more importantly I played a little more with the machine and got to learn it a little better. Overall I think everyone was happy with the hunt and hopefully we'll try to make this an annual thing and I'll try to come up with another place to hunt. Hopefully we'll see all you guys again next year. (y);)


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He ain't joking about the ground either. That was one thing I noticed. You could dig a plug no problem but busting up the plug you needed a jackhammer! All in all it was a fun time though. It's always great to catch up with Buster and it was awesome making new friends as well!


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Yup..that dirt was hard.. almost like digging a rock driveway..but we had an awesome time and would not have missed it..we will plan again for next year for sure.. thanks for having us up..I do believe the flat button is my oldest find to date and I am happy with it... keep hitting that field...