Need Help!!!- Minelab Musketeer Advantage Cable Mod

I recently purchased a Minelab Musketeer Advantage Pro off eBay. I am so tired of eBay since the last 3 detectors I have purchased have had issues; mostly people shortening cables. Probably cause their dogs, etc. had chewed the cable; who knows? My Tesoro Vaquero off eBay arrived as not working due to some idiot shortening the cable and soldering the cable connector improperly. The add said "guaranteed not to arrive dead on arrival". I fixed this and it worked great but the coil cable had been shortened to the point of almost being unusable. Fortunately it worked just fine.

This time around I found, and a week after the fact, that the coil cable on the TS800 coil had been shortened to 4'-7" which prohibits hip mounting unless I could become 2'-0" tall. I also got the TS 1000 coil with this but the coil cable had not been shortened enough to be noticeable. This coil cable was measured at 8"-8". Still not factory specs as I determined.

Anyway, I need to create a 5'-0" coil cable extension. Radio Shack could not help me with this project. I need to know where to get the 5 pin male and female connectors compatible with the Minelab type and also the type of cable I will need to complete this modification. I am capable of soldering, etc. If I can actually do this I will then shorten the TS1000 coil cable as well to be the same as the TS800 coil cable. The 5'-0" cable extension will complete the mod assembly.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.