Just bought a GTAx 750 on ebay and will have it by friday. I called Brad over at Garrett and I asked him how to get the best depth from this puppy and he said to replace the coilf from the solid white Crossfire II to a current GTAx 550 coil. They even give you a 40% discount on the new coil. It costs around $72.00 to do this and he said that it would give it about 2" more depth plus the signal to the coil is cleaner.
Also Brad told me that this 750 is a much better detector that the GTAx 550 that they sell brand new!
I need anyones experience with this machine to give me some tips on what is the best setting for sensitivity and threshold and all that stuff. Anything will be helpful. how well it hunts and stuff


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I will say welcome to the site! Glad to have you here!

I wish I could help you but I know nothing about this detector, Beale.


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I started out with a GTA detector a long while back..that was a good machine....Never used the 750...but I am sure there are other here that have,,Just hang tight and someone will chime in..Buster.....:wave:
Got my GTAx 750 back from Garrett and they put a new diode in there and I bought the new coil that goes on the GTAx 550 and they tune it up and it is awesome. Bench testing was dead on, on all targets. This thing is gonna go so deep! Any info out there please let me know.


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I called today and talked to Brad and he was saying that he has had several calls about this post, but that it wasn't true. He said you must have misunderstood and that the 7" x 10" is pretty much the same and only better in the way it was built. He told me that if I wanted more depth that I would have to get a bigger coil, so I sent my crossfire in today off my GTAx750 and am getting the 9" x 12" which he said would do much better (and with the discount, it's $89.82 delivered).