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Looking to buy a new detector soon but I need all your input if possible. There are two I have narrowed it down to, so Tesoro owner give me your personal experience please, along with Mine Lab owners. The two are Tesoro Vaquero and Mine Labs X-Terra 305. Now for my experience with metal detecting, I started when I was 12 with a Radio Shack kit detector, then a Coinmater 3000, to a 6000Di/Pro that gave out a few years ago. what are the pro and cons with these two detectors? I learned to tell the difference in sound to know what was good and bad with my first two detectors, I loved the ID on the 6000 but don't know if I really need the ID now. What you you suggest? Thanks in advance....


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I use a Vaquero. It uses simple straightforward technology, perhaps a bit dated, but very reliable and a deep hitter. It's a rugged machine, built in the USA. With a Vaquero you get a lifetime warranty.

I know very little of Mine Labs. I understand they were originally built in Australia but the company has been sold and has since been moved to Thailand or Cambodia or some such place. I hear they come with a three year factory warranty, however I can only hope it does not take three years to locate the factory. Mine Labs are highly rated by many people on here. They claim they are better than Chinese made detectors.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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well i have an Xterra 70 and a Deleon. both great detectors. the Deleon is simple, accurate and DEEP, lifetime warranty. can't find any cons yet (just got it a couple weeks ago) the xterra is also a great machine, more bells and whistles and settings than the Deleon. pros- able to switch frequencys by changing coils, 3 adjustable programs in coin mode and has a Beach setting. haven't really found no cons on that one either. am very happy with both and don't see any need to upgrade for a long time. (unless a killer deal comes along)


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Well I ran a Vaquero and now have a DeLeon. I also run a X-Terra 70. The Vaquero is a very DEEP hunter. It will get on down in the dirt. You really are looking at Apples to Oranges type of thing. I sold my Vaquero, wish I had not. I really like my X-Terra and the DeLeon. Both have screens. The Vaquero is a beep dig unit. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and is great in an area where you can dig. For pure coin hunting The Mine Lab may be better. It would be a hard choice for me. Good luck to you. Oh by the way I bought a Cutlass II Umax. An older version of the Silver Umax. I just keep going back to Tesoro for some reason, Beale.