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I just purchased a new 1236 from one of our Quest sponsers and took it out for a trial run this am. I have a high end detector that broke twice on me and I just sold my old Fisher cz thinking I had all the problems with my main detector fixed. Wrong! I have been scaling back and I was down to one detector with many coils and this detector can't seem to stay running for more than a month. I am a detector addict and when I can't detect, I am a bear to live with(ask my wife).I was looking at two detectors, beep and dig models. One a Vaquero and the 1236. I have owned two tesoros V's and never a 1236, so I settled on the 1236 which I just got this am. I immediately removed the tight fitting low cost batteries that came with it (advice from some useres) and replaced them with better alkalines. Yes the cheap batteries are so tight I had to use a knife to get them out. The detector has a sticker "assembled in Taiwan" , but it seemed just like the older Fisher quality. I went to an older sports complex that has been around since the early 60's figuring a wheat penny or silver roosie might be found. I laid a nickle on the ground and found a good signal at 5 and a breaking signal at 5and 1/2 to 6. I hunted and hour and a half. First signal is good until just under 7 on the disc. I dug to confirm a aluminum cap liner. I got a signal that stayed past 8 and I dug to about 5 inches to find a clad quarter. Second signal good at the 5 disc I was running and broke up just under 6. From 4 inches a nickle. The detector passed my nickle test and I was thrilled. I ended up with 22 coins with 6 quarters and one wheat penny. Most were from 5 to 6 inches and I have no doubt a couple of more inches of depth is there. The disc is spot on and it handled the trashy envirement perfectly. One neat feature is the there is a threshold above the factory preset of 8 which makes deep coin hunting more possible. I did not use the silencer as I did not need it. I think I now have the perfect backup detector. R.L. Johnson


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Welcome RLOH to TQ. Hope you enjoy it here. glad you found a good backup machine. Wishing you many good finds.



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Welcome to TQ! Sounds like you've had a rough time but it was all worth it with the 1236X - that's good to hear!! Back-up machine or not, you should get what you pay for. All the Fisher's are made oversea's now, which is unfortunate, but from what I understand the quality still delivers. Lookin' forward to seeing what you dig up!!


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Welcome to the site and congrats on the new detector! It sounds like you have the 1236 down pat. Very good first run. I am looking foward to seeing more finds and reading your posts, Beale.
Hi R.L.

Had the 1236x2 since inception and love this detector.I don't use it as often as i used to but it always proves itself as a very capable detector.The discrimination is spot on and works great at iron infested sites. The 5" coil along with a very quick recovery speed provides excellent target separation at trashy sites. Fisher did a great job with the 1236x2. HH Bill
I have to go along with what Bill says - the 1236-X2 is a great detector.
Fisher decided it was time to do something about the "iron problems" the other 1200 series detectors were plagued with.
The 1236 is the culmination of that effort.

For those who dont know it, there is a goodly amount of depth there, but you have to work for it. If you dont hunt above the preset SENS of "8," you won't find it. Once you go above that point, you reach a threshold driven audio, which is the signal you are into the boost bode and this is where the depth is.

Because of the mulitple levels available to handle iron, I think the 1236-X2 is one of the top relic hunting detectors you can get. It is wide open to iron below 3 on the DISC control. Or you can go to 4 or iron preset and only hear the clicks and pops of disc'ed iron hits. Finally, you can use the Silencer and hear almost none of it if you get into a thick iron field. Personally I prefer some of this "talking" the 1236 does around iron to the dead silent Vaquero, which is IMHO, something of an iron hog.

Plus the 1236 has one of the best audio outputs on the planet. Detectors costing 3 times as much could take a lesson there.

All in all, you done well with the Fisher.