new baby..fisher gold bug 2


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Can you feel the "Fear"? Thats the fear that gold is feeling, knowing that your coming to pluck it outta the ground! Go gettum! Mikey:icon_cool


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im digging a little test plot to learn,so i might have a question for you on tuning. i want to be able to discdiminate out as much junk as i can...but what's the limit to that? i mean i know the machine isn't infallible, but how far can i push it with discrimination before i start ignoring the gold too? thanks~cory


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My gold bug came with a video in VHS, by the time I watched it, I realized it wasn't worth the effort. They make a great detector, but support and getting questions answered were non existent. I love using it at the beach also in the dry sand.

The Gold Bug 2 has been out since 1995 and has found a lot of nuggets for people with patience. The best advise I can give a user is make sure you know how to ground balance and check it often here in AZ, as the ground changes constantly.
I know this is a little late......I have the original Gold Bug. After I bought it I saw an ad for accessories. It was a small shop in UT. He had a video for sale that he made himself. It was a good one,showed him setting it up, tuning it, and then some footage of him out in the desert using it. Gave me a good head start in using my 'Bug'.

First nugget with my GB 2!

I bought mine used last Nov. Still learning every time out. Get Koss headphones first, or better ones if you can afford.

Take your time, swing low (get cover and wear it out), swing slow.

As for discrimination, don't do it, dig everything until you are familiar with the tones to distinguish what it is, then dig it anyway. You should be able to id what it is before you dig it. If you are wrong, you're still learning.

Constantly adjust your ground balance, multiple times if needed when working just one area. Can change in the middle of a single swing of the coil.

It will pull gold up deep! I have small nuggets from 8" and large rocks with gold down to 12" so far.

scan at 90° to all targets to confirm. Turn everything all the way up, Audio Boost on, discrimination LOW.

Only use the Iron Dist to confirm non-ferrous then dig it anyway.

Just ordered the 6.5" coil for smaller stuff cause all I find is BIG gold. I just saw that you have this coil already, I would get the 10" coil as well, this is the one I have been using and it kicks serious ass in the field. Found 1843 Sitting Half as well as the gold.

Rechargeable batteries and charge them fresh for every outing.

Seal the coil cover with a VERY small amount of silicone, masking the seam before you apply sealant.

Go out to one area at different soil conditions: dry will get you a different tone than damp or wet ground as well as tone changes to hot rocks etc.

Set threshold to sound like a mosquito, just breaking, not a solid tone. If you have a test sample use it! You really need to know the sound of a distant target changing the threshold. It is very subtle but once you know it, very recognizable. This is the BIGGEST key to success with the GB 2. My brother bought one and I have put him on top of the areas I work and he is still without gold so take your time and don't get put off if you don't hit gold right away.

Just got into metal detecting and have racked up big results with the GB2. Can't thank my neighbor enough for suggesting it.