New Fisher and Teknetics dealer

New Fisher and Teknetics sponsor here! My name is Bart Davis and I run I can help you with any Fisher or Teknetics detector or accessory. I will try to beat anyone's price. I can usually ship same day on any purchase. Have any ? at all please feel free to email me from my site!

Authorized Fisher, Teknetics and Detector Pro dealer.


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ill be getting a new coil for my T-2 and will look you up.....when companies set a limit on a price, say for an example garrett ace-250 for $212, how do you compete with other dealers other than throw in a freebie?.....i need the 11"dd coil ..............whats your price on that?
It is hard to compete with the matching advertised price thing! Email me from my site and I will make sure you get the treasurequest discount if you tell me your a member here! :bthumb: :wink::bthumb::wink::bthumb:

Thanks for asking!!!