New from Massachusetts (Worcester & Franklin Counties

My name is Ryan and I'm new here an somewhat new to MD'ing with my broken Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker metal detector lol. I was gifted and blessed with the bounty hunter metal detector by my father before he passed away last year (4/29/17)from cancer. I do work an have 2 little boys at home. I pay all my bills to have a roof over our heads and food in the house. My free time to go out an metal detect is now occupied by trying to wire and fix the bounty hunter as it made terrible noise before it crapped out on me. I love metal detecting an I'm gonna get my sons into also as I know they would love it but my only way of getting extra funds to purchase a new or even a used Ace 300-400. The garrett ace series 300, 350, or the 400 is what I'm hoping to be able to raise enough money for. Thank u for sharing if you do and reading this post. Please share the link if possible and really thank u all. Happy Hunting to all and to all fill ur holes. HH. Ryan.

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Thank u all...apparently there's no fundraising links aloud here...i thought this site supported everyone's want for metal detecting. I didn't ask anyone here to fund anything I just asked for it to be shared and can't even get find a new site for me to helped but really thank u to the few that welcomed me here. Time for me to go sorry for the bothersome and God bless.