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Hi everyone. I was into MDing big time back in the mid to late 90's. I may have even been a member here back then if this page was around at the time. I took a break when real life started to happen (Wife, kids, job, Etc....) The kids are older now and mom and dad aren't cool to hang out with very much anymore. My beautiful wife gives me weekend furloughs now ( I think she just wants me out of the house) so, I'm hoping to get back into MDing. My 16yr old son has in the last week been playing with my Whites XLT and really seems to be enjoying the heck out of it. The lucky kid found a 1945 silver quarter and a few dollars in clad in our small front yard, a yard that I have hunted numerous times. I think it took me almost a year of detecting before I found my first piece of silver.

Seeing him out there having fun has given me the itch to get back out there. I think I'll use my XLT (Jimmy Sierra custom hip mount version) and get my dads Eagle 2SL tuned up for my son to use. If I can find places to go without getting shot or robbed, I am in Toledo, after all, I may upgrade to the Spectrum V3i and let my son use the XLT. I think we're going to stick to a few secluded city parks for the spring to let him get used to the machine and keep his interest peaked with clad finds. Once he tires of that we'll search out some areas where some old silver might be hiding.

DBQ Dave

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I was here by two other names...My first post was Dec 2006. If you remember an old screen name, go to the search tab in the upper right, and type the old name in the "member" box. You may find some old posts like I just did. My old names were GroundScrounger and Digginit