New GPX 4500 for Northern California ???

I am purchasing an unpatented gold claim on the North Forks of the Salmon River in northern CA (Siskiyou County). When not dredging I will be detecting for gold nuggets. This will be only my second detector (First is a White's XLT I have had for many years). The new MD will be used exclusively for gold nugget hunting on this claim. I am considering the MineLab 4500. Is this area highly mineralized with hot rocks? Will a PI detector be best for this area? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am truly a "newbie' at detecting even though I do have the XLT. With a new detector would there be any reason to take a VLF detector with me or just leave it at home for relic hunting? Thanks.
If you got it do it.

If you have the kind of money to do that fine buy the 4500. I live here in N CA so I know in my area that I have some problems. Three really big ones. I have one of those pesky tower power lines that comes right down past my place it has so much voltage it makes a glow at night between the wires. So I had to go with a PI detector. I also have three shorter lines of power going in a haphazard manner all over the area. The dirt is such a bright red clay here and the black sand is all over the place. So that is the main three. I on the other hand also have many places where there is water all over the area. I also wanted to check the bottom of several creeks and the rivers as well when I get ready to dredge the bottom of the river. I went with the Garrett Infinium LS two reasons. It is PI and will do a goodly portion of what the 4500 will do for the ground balancing with the hot rocks and such with the PI problems. I can do things the guys with the GPX4500 only dream of and that is I can take it to the very bottom of the Klamath River. Do that with the 4500 and you can then go buy a new one. Like I have said MY Infinium will do most of what the 4500 will do. For the guy who thinks not Bring your 4500 and some folding money I have a really good test patch out back. Most of it is even dry. The part right next to the overhead power lines. PS we will be looking for number 6 bird shot lead pieces. and two gold pieces of 1 gram each. Trick is there are 30 items in a 2 acre area. 4 are gold if your 4500 is so good bring four 1gram gold nuggies with ya. If you find all of them hey we will have to see that. dray


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The new Whites TDI is starting to get rave reviews for nugget hunting. Reasonably priced compared to the 4500 and better depth and discrimination than the Infinium.
More food for thought,
Just a thought

What happens when you stumble on the bank of the creek you are searching and the detector falls in the water? That and White's stifling of the business they hold so dear. They will not let a store be honest with its customers. This is why if I can help it I will not deal with those who deal with Whites. I mean really you can sell what I sell to you but you can not tell anyone how much it costs. That is a lie looking for a place to happen isn't it???

Minelab, Garrett, or Whites?

Just curious what detector you decided on? I used an the Infinium and could not stand the noise it made nor its terrible unfriendly ergonomics. I have not used the Whites model, but have read it is well balances as all Whites are, but that it uses technology not wanted by Minelab and sold to it by Minelab. As far as the Minelab big detectors, I am on my 3rd one. I started with the SD 2200, then got the GP Extreme, and now have the 4000 which is not all that different than the 4500. I have found nuggets with all three. The Mineab GPX 4000 and 4500 detectors are great. Their thresholds are smooth and easy to listen to for long periods of time. They are adaptable to many ground situations, and can ignore the ground minerals better than any other detector on the market. They are know for that. They have a huge array of coils available (from Minelab, Coiltek, and Nuggetfinder). The Infinium just has a few coils. I am uncertain about the Whites, but I have heard good things about it. I have also read the Whites and the Infinium do not go nearly as deep as the Minelab.

Let us know what you decided and how you like it. If it was me, I would get the Minelab and be assured I have the best. If you want to go underwater, then the Garrett is your only choice for that kind of detecting. But, I would rather hunt above ground for gold nuggets when the weather is bad, and then, when the weather is warm, I would be dredging (when CA gets its act together and lets it happen again), highbanking, or booming since that is by far the best way to recover the most gold. Good luck in whatever decision you make or have already made.
Mine lab and Infinium

I use the minelab 4500 if it is dry and no water around such as AZ or NV. If I am in CA or OR I use the Infinium so I does not cost me 5 grand should it get wet.

I don't know it maybe I just used an Infinium for quite a while now. but it works great for me. I have found stuff as small as a match head.I have found bigger stuff that was much deeper with the 4500 but hey how often maybe once or twice a week. I think I find more with the Infinium but then I use it more as well. so lets give the devil its.

You spend your money and you take your choice.