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Hello folks. I'm a newbie, well kinda. I had a metal detector years ago. It did not disc. very well and had only one tone. To say the least, I dug several pounds of junk and got burnt out real quick. I decided to try again with a better detector. I got a Fisher F4. And after using it for awile, I LOVE IT! It is very acccurate. The first place I hunted was an area where the city had dug out for a new sidewalk. I knew for a fact that this area had been hunted many times. My second signal was a 1917-D Merc. Would you belive it set me on fire??!!!! I am HOOKED. Nothing quite like seeing that glint of silver in the bottom of the hole. I have found many clad, and mem. since. A few wheats. But I am now on a quest for more silver. Found my first coin spill yesterday. Was hunting a 1920s - 1930s house. Got a signal, was a mem. penny. Rechecked the hole, got another signal, was a nickle. This went on for some time. Ended up with 10 mem. 5 rosies, 2 nickles. All 1970s - 90s. All from the same hole. About 6 X 12 inches. What was weird to me was they were all 3 to 4 inches deep. Any ideas? The house has been vacant for some time. Didn't mean to go on and on. Just excited.

cyndy j

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poor sucker he's doomed.. ahem, welcome to the best md site ever! waving from sacramento!:wavey: i'll leave it to my esteemed colleagues to splain re yer great finds!