New here. Two botles I can't seem to find anywhere..

Hello, my name is Nova and I'm new here on these forums.

I found these two bottles in Kinston, NC about 4-5 years ago and haven't found any sources to find out what they are, where they came from, or what they're about (historically)..

If you guys/gals on this forum can help me out that would be great!

I got them appraised a few years ago at $5000, but I don't think the person knew what they were talking about.

Here are the specs:

They are twin whiskey/flask style bottles with slight differences to their appearance.


Bust on front of a general or captain of some sort.
His hat is different on both bottles.

On the side is a ship with a guy with a sword.
The first bottle the ship is upright with the guy holding a short sword/dagger.
The second the ship is sinking and people are falling off with the guy holding a long sword.

Bottle with upright ship has 4 stars across the top.
Second bottle has three sets of numbers.

They are both screw top.
Amber glass.
Heel has sharp edge.

One is slightly smaller and fatter and the other is slightly taller and thinner.

Nova of New Bern, NC


I can't help you with the bottles but I did want to say Hi and Welcome to TQ!!! :wave::wave::wave::wave:
We used to live on Cherry Point right down the road from you! I love New Bern and all the historical homes! I always miss it this time of year because I know its time for the Ghost Tour!!!!!!!!! 3 nights of nothing but fun!!!!!!
Welcome aboard!!!!!!!!!!


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Welcome Nova to Treasure Quest...I will forward you a link to post your pictures here so they can be seen...I am not too good on thee bottle side of the house. but there are a few here that are..Buster......:wavey:


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Welcome to the site! Very glad to have you on. New Bern is a great old town. Tons of history, and just a cool place.

Get us a couple of pictures and it would be much easier to help. I look foward to seeing them, Beale.
Yea. I'm going to edit my last post with the link to my pic folder with them on Myspace.

And yea.
New Bern is awesome this time of the year.
Mumfest. Fair. Ghost Walk.

Me and my girlfriend are going to Ghost Walk this year. :)
Sorry about that link guys.
I thought it worked. I copied it directly from my folder and put it were everyone could see it and not just my friends.

Pics are uploaded properly now.
Sorry for my laziness. lol

Got really tired last night.



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Me Too! The Embossing of the Seal Hunt is unique.

Can you post a photo of the bottoms? I would think they come from Canada, Alaska or even Russia!
I took them to an appraiser that used to work on the Antique Roadshow and he told me between $5000 and $5500.

He couldn't tell me much about them except for the fact that he's never seen anything like them before and also the fact that they were so unique from each other.
He was stunned and said I was the guy who finally had him stumped. lol

I will take pics of the bottoms tomorrow and have them up here.

Edit: Recently I had the chance to sell them for $1600 cash, but refused because I knew I'd never see bottles like these again. And if so.. not exactly like them.

So, now I'm on a quest to know more about my uniques.

Edit: Heel pics up!