New here. Two botles I can't seem to find anywhere..


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Hi Nova'

Your bottles are not old the glass marks shown in your pics is Illinios Glass Co. {1929-Present} Your bottles are worth 6.00 - 12.00
I hope this helps!



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shoulda taken the sixteen and ran like a jack rabbit! the guy who told you 5000...yeah he didnt know what he was saying, and probably shouldn't have said that, but oh well. they are cool looking keep em until i got another offer like the first!
Hello, my name is Nova and I'm new here on these forums.

I found these two bottles in Kinston, NC about 4-5 years ago and haven't found any sources to find out what they are, where they came from, or what they're about (historically)..

If you guys/gals on this forum can help me out that would be great!

I got them appraised a few years ago at $5000, but I don't think the person knew what they were talking about.

Here are the specs:

They are twin whiskey/flask style bottles with slight differences to their appearance.


Bust on front of a general or captain of some sort.
His hat is different on both bottles.

On the side is a ship with a guy with a sword.
The first bottle the ship is upright with the guy holding a short sword/dagger.
The second the ship is sinking and people are falling off with the guy holding a long sword.

Bottle with upright ship has 4 stars across the top.
Second bottle has three sets of numbers.

They are both screw top.
Amber glass.
Heel has sharp edge.

One is slightly smaller and fatter and the other is slightly taller and thinner.

Nova of New Bern, NC