New Insulator display coming along.

Well I thought I would post a few photos of how my new dispaly is going. I decided to use some stones under the fence to keep from having the weeds grow arond the bottom. So I started with that while I waited for the town to have a meeting and approve my building permit for a fence.

We went and bought a trailer full of lumber thinking I would be building it real soon.

Well The permit was disapproved. I was told i had to get my property survey. So we did, Two weeks and $570 later i had some cool orange flags.

The next few photos are different stages of the build. I included eight shelfs in each section with a 6 inch gap.
leveling the fence with lots of dirt.

Getting more dirt never seem to have enough. Took 6 loads to raise the fence about 8 inchs on the south end.

Now cement in some poles.

Started adding the shelfs on the 4x4's

Then put the Dogear boards right on the shelfs. Hopeing this will keep them from bending.

Coming up the side now. Nice warm day.

Had to pour a large block of concrete for the gate area. So I signed it :>)

Have to pour two walls to keep the dirt away from the gate area. Here 3 side are done just have the front to do.

Now getting ready to put the wall on the other side of the gate.

And these last two photos I just took today. I finished the front minus the gate, cutting down the 4x4's and caps on them. outside the front

And the inside of the front.

Might start putting some insulators up this weekend. Still have a lot to do, But it's getting there ☺ Enjoy. Joe


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you iowa folks have had your share of bad weather lately. be safe huh?

cant see the photos from my work computer..will browse them later.


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Penny you don't want to see those pictures. They look like way more work than your used to and might scare ya:eek: :D


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That's one heavy duty fence you built! Looks great! Now you can have back yard barbeques whithout the neighbors popping over! lol
Well I loaded a bunch of the insulators on the fence. Sad thing is. The photos look nothing like the real thing. I'm going to use my nice camera and see if it works better :>) here is what i have so far though. about 95% of the insulators are out there now.
looking over the front of the fence.

This is the long side but like i said you don't see the shinny glass sparkling in the sun light on top there.

Here is looking back at the gate area. Still have room for more insulators :>)

This is one of the sun beaming on them again not that good. Don't see that shine they give off. Looks very cool

Enjoy all..