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Hello, Im TrevorC, I prospect recreationally. I am a member of the BSA, so i can go looking for gold on campouts, and plan on doing it. Im fairly new at this, so it would be nice if you guys can give me some pointers on what and what not to do. My troop goes on a Brazos River trip every year, and it would be nice if someone told me if i might have any luck there.


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TC, A Big Welcome to you to TQ from Georgia. You will like it here. Great Folks with a wealth of information concerning our hobby. Don't be afraid to ask questions. No such thing as dumb questions here.

NJ Bill

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Hey Trevor,
Welcome from Southern NJ. What not to do is find Gold and Not tell us about it...LOL.
What part of Texas are you from? I went to college at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.