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I am in..Thanks Steve.I didn't think mine took, I did it I am on twice..I am twice as big so I need two.....Buster...........:multi::multi: :multi::bthumb:


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It took me three times before the page would would just keep going to page not found. It might have been because I had two other windows opened, when I closed them down it worked just fine.
Oh I think its cool that you can zoom in all the way to the street map, maybe the old map did that too and I just didn't realize it.
Thanks Steve

Steve in PR

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The website loads and reacts sloooowwww but it should let you in. Give it time and PM me if you are having trouble getting in after a couple times.

Also, if you load yourself more than once, don't sweat it, I can remove extra loads.
I am there even though they put me almost on Hilton Head Island... Not there though! I am in the birth place of "THE FEW THE PROUD THE MARINES" Hoorah!!!:bthumb: