New Member Map

Jason in Enid

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Thats because this link has been dead for YEARS, yet the mods refuse to lock this thread out or remove the dead link so people keep doing what you did.
You can try this member map I set up

Good Hunting.

When I became a forum member I went to use Steve in PR's map for member locations and it was no longer working. I then put together a member map for those folks living in Pennsylvania and tried to maintain it as best I could. Anyhoo, I ran across a free solution similar to what Steve in PR had originally put in place. I thought I would offer it here through you if you felt there would be an interest. Members go to the link, DO NOT CLICK ON MAP FIRST ! find their location on the map by zooming and scrolling; and then click to fill out a dialogue box with their information. I put my email in the message field so it shows up when someone clicks on the marker. Here is the link to the proposed mapping service.

Dave Dionne