New (OLD) Red Baron works!

Got my Ebay Red Baron yesterday. Fixed it this morning and read the manual and found 2 bottle caps, 1 tab 2 pennies and 1 quarter. Found one thing so deep I quit digging....Direct sun! Try later.

Ok, it seems to jump a little....something loose or most likely dirty pots. The battery holders don't fit in the hole???

They are 8AA, 4 each side like I have seen in pics. What gives?

I paid $49.99 delivered, $9 for holders and clips and batteries, and a $5 digging 27 cents leaves me $63 and some change in the hole, no pun intended....But I'm happy with it.

Gotta get the batteries in it...or something...and a battery was missing.
Ok, the battery compartment if a bit different than the link above. I bent the two top sides up and was able to get the longer 4x2 holders in it.

Like this


Not the
4x4 type
OK, so it has stabilized now and I have to read the manual...I just dug up about 5 nails...a couple tabs, some kind of bracket and 1 penny.

Going to the school (one block away) in a while, no tabs there....they ain't allowed to drink beer and litter...hahaha

Thanks guys...I'll post some Jesse James gold when I find it!


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Congrats on the fix. Don't be too sure about the school having no tabs. I find plenty of the things at the schools here. The school has been there for a long time and while littering is no longer allow it wasn't always the case. Good luch with your hunt and be sure to post your finds, tabs and all.:pbiggrin: