new owner of the CTX3030


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I should update you : the last email I got from them, the guy I was dealing with said to send them all my parts from the 2 dead Excals and they would see if they could make me 1 from the 2. He also said they could cover the labour charge. I wrote back telling him that I had trashed the boards. I think he was beginning to realize that I only tried to fix it myself because their dealer said he wouldn't. Haven't heard anything for a week now though.
Best of Luck to you Surfman. I hope Minelab will help you out concerning this. They certainly should.


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Don't know what your budget is, but I can't say enough about the PERFORMANCE of Excalibur II. As said in a previous post,, the only thing that scares me is the ARROGANCE that Minelab has when it comes to adjustments and repairs. You would think that after an investment of $1,500 for one of their machines,, they would want to keep you as a repeat customer.:rolleyes:
I quite agree. I'm watching to see if Mikey and Orosurf gets thier's fixed. Of course I will not be in the water as deep as they go. lol Good luck guys... :)