New Sovereign GT

Ordered a Sovereign GT yesterday, it should be here on Monday. This is an MD I always wanted, being more of a, beep and dig guy. My ETrac is great, but love my Tesoro Vaquero, and MXT. Monday can't get here fast enough!


New Member
I also have a GT headed my way, hopefully Wednesday. I as well use an ETrac, just wondering if I will like the GT better than the ETrac....
GT arrived

This is one well built MD! Soild feel and I think it may be lighter then my MXT. The balance is excellent as well. I hope to be getting out today to begin learning the language. Although my ETrac and MXT are fast, and tell me whats in the ground, I find more enjoyment in detecting with sound and applying developed techniques for these beep and dig detectors. Try a Tesoro Vaquero once, and you'll see what I mean. Simple, effective and reliable!