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Hi my name is Bob and I just joined the forum and look forward learning all

I can.

I just purchased a Garrett GTI 1500. Will this work ok at the beach? Thanks.


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welcome to TQ...I don't use a garrets gti1500, but have an ace-250...I'm pretty sure it will work fine in the dry sand for sure...have fun...



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Welcome to TQ...I would think your 1500 would be OK at the beach..Just keep it dry and you should be OK..I am sure others will chime in that use that model..Buster.....:wavey:


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Welcome to the site! very glad to have you here!

Your 1500 should be ok at the beach. In the dry sand it will work just fine. Down in the wet san you mat have to turn down your sens a bit. Good luck to you with it, Beale.


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Hey there. The GTI is a good machine, but remember not to only dig the bell tones, or you will only get coins but no gold. It will work fine at the beach as long as you do not get the control box wet. There is a special setting for salt elimination. Press the "menu" button about 5 or 6 times until you see "salt elim" flashing, then press the "+" arrow button, the press the "operate" button - there you have it - you are good to go at the beach.

As others suggested you may also have to adjust the ground balance or sensitivity.

Good luck!
Hi Bob, and a great big "howdy" from Texas.
I've had my 1500 a couple years now and really like it. I've had only limited use of it on the beach but no problems. As stated above, keep the box dry. I use mine mainly in parks and play grounds. Love that bell tone but don't dig it alone. Best advice I could give you is: practice-practice-practice. Oh - and also have fun.
Thanks for the welcome. I have a question about my detector. The volume

is only working with the head set. Is there anything I can do to make it work

both ways? Thanks.


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Sounds like you may have a dead speaker in the box...I mean if the volume only works with your headphones...try to reset batteries, then if that dont work, change your batteries and if that dont hot too sure Good luck...