New to MDing

I am new to this hobby and trying to decide which detector to purchase. I am looking at (3) machines and would like to know what all of you think would be the best for a beginner. I am interested in cions and jewerly. I will be "hunting" on fresh water beaches and in local "parks".
My (3) candidates are:

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II :confused:
Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II :confused:
Garrett Ace 250 :confused:

I would like to know what your opinions are on these machines.

Thank you,

welcome to TQ

welcome kestrel0222 to TQ you will see alot of feedback here from some really good people here on TQ so check from time to time, anyway i've
heard alot of good things about the 250 ace on this sight and some for the bounty hunters, i my self have a BH 3300 discovery which is a good mechine and i am happy with it, but wondered about the ace 250 for what it cost, sounds like a good beginners md....but don't take my word for it wait and see what others say here at TQ.

Good to have you aboard..and good luck!!!!:wavey:


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I too have heard nothing but very good things about the ace 250. Most seem in agreement that for the money the ace is a good detector. I started with a BH Tracker IV. I found good stuff. Then upgraded to a White's Prizm V and althought I have not found much with it I just got it and am still learning it. Whichever machine you get make sure you practice and learn your machine well. You will do fine. If I were just starting out again I would go for the Ace. JoAnne
Thank you all for your replies!! I was leaning toward the Ace also. I just wanted to here from some of you that have been in the hobby for a while.
It looks like the Ace has won!!!!!! :lol: Now all I have to do is see if Santa brings me one this year!

Thanks again,