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Back in the early 80's I was stationed in the Philippines and went off into the jungle with a couple friends, a guide and my Compass detector looking for Yamashita's treasure. A friend found a Japanese helmet, but other than that mostly ammo and a couple pieces of unexploded ordnance that we left in place. After that I went for decades doing nothing related to treasure hunting. Retired from the Air Force in '94. Now I live in in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia in gold country. Over the past several years I've done some gold prospecting off and on ( mostly off). Now I'm fully retired and have been putting in a fair amount of time with my AT Pro, mostly coin shooting. On the waiting list for an Equinox 800 that I'll be using for coins and gold. I have a lot to learn.


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Welcome to the TQ forum from Georgia. You'll like it here. Great folks with a lot of knowledge and experience in the hobby and are eager to help with any questions. We appreciate your service in the Air Force and Congrat's to you on your retirement. Now you will have more time to swing the coil. Best of Luck to you too with the order of the new Equinox.


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Welcome to TQ, from NE Pennsylvania, I too was in the USAF stationed in Okinawa, looking back I wish I had a detector to explore those caves....i separated in 92 after the gulf war...RIF program....congrats on your retirement and happy hunting
I think we had a member here who lived on Okinawa and found quite a bit of ordinance most of the time.
I would have loved to find a sword or helmet or any artifact that didn't go "BOOM" if I dug it from the soil..
Yep. Not many people were swinging detectors over there back then, but lots of things were going BOOM! Mostly locals trying to recover ordnance to sell as souvenirs. A friend of mine was in charge of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and they unfortunately stayed busy picking up the pieces.