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I use the V4, and think it's a decent PP. Now, I got it from Kellyco at a "discounted" price, think I paid $55 for it, $40 for the PP & $15 S&H (which is just a way to make a few more bucks), but the total cost is all I looked at.

So at $55 it's worth the cost, and will alert on an object at 1.5", and from what I've read, this is about as good as any of the handhelds get.

The only drawback is it's physical size, being about 18" long. I just saw one FS for $50 shipped, so it'd be an inexpensive PP for someone who doesn't have one. They make a big difference & speed the process of locating your finds.



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Hi Smitty, There are some post on some other Pinpointers but as you said the V4 is a little Awkward because of it's length. I had one but for me it was to cumberson. The Vibra probe is a Good one and pretty popular. I had a Sherlock and to me they are pretty good for the price. You are right tho as I think 1 1/2 " is pretty much the norm tho I understand the Sun-Rays go a little deeper but then they cost a little more. I like the Vibra probe alot for the fact that it is waterproof & pretty durable. Gonna have to get a new PP myself as awhile back I left it outside on the porch and the Bull terrier here thought it was a new Chew Toy. :doh: