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I finally went out and bought a Invader DX-1 for my DFX. I know many of you really like this probe, but it isn't for me. I find it easier to use my pinpointer. The DX-1 is larger so I have to dig a bigger hole and I'm used to feeling my pinpointer vibrate when I locate the target, so the DX-1 was a bit awkward for me to say the least. Add the switching back and forth from coil to probe and listening for the probe to find the target just wasn't mhat I am used to. I ended up removing it and using the old standby. So now it looks as if I have a new DX-1 I'll be selling. Just wanted to post my thoughts on it.
I love my DX~1. Set the DC sens to 40 - 50 and you are good to go. I do agree with you that it takes time to get used to switching the toggle back and fourth from coil to pinpionter.
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Now watch the forum tell me I needed to make specific POST and the replies don't count... We'll see. Just tying to get some gear to go out and hunt some treasure :)


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I think you said what the problem is best "just wasn't what I am used to". Maybe your pin pointer pro is more sensitive than mine, or you know your MD better, whatever the reason the Probe is still better than the pro pointer IMHO. If you don't sound off the pro pointer you either continue digging or you grab your detector again to try and pin piont. The probe is way easier and lighter than the MD. You should be using both the probe and the pro pointer. JMHO.

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I know this is originally a 2009 post,but i am posting for newer readers. I just got a DX-1 and i love it.I do have a Garrett Pro Pointer too. I hear a lot about forgetting to switch back to detect (from the pinpoint mode on the dx-1 box) And so far i have not forgotten.I like the way it goes through the headphones.The pro i set to vibrate because i could not hear the beeps through my Gray Ghost Ultimate headphones (they really block out outside noises so you can hear those "Whisper Targets").I have never had to go back to find my pointer because it fell out of my pouch or holster. The DX-1 doesn't give off false beeps (which requires turning the pro pointer off then back on to reset it).I would get "Cross Talk" from the pro if the coil wasn't turn away from the pro. The DX-1 you can "Pump Up" by turning up the gain on your detector. I like both the pro pointer and the DX-1.Each one has it's quirks that one has to get used to. Both are so much better than the White's pointer (which on a good day will pick up a target one inch away :banghead: LOL) but they make good gifts to others if you got them free when buying a whites detector. I hope readers will read this and try out Both pointers and chooze for themselves.....Zip