Not new but been away from family too long!

I joined about 20 years ago l had a prizm lll so l was Prizm-Pal well l fell out of touch and am trying to get back to T.Q. Name Chick Sullivan live in Massachusetts l love all Detecting like ocean and rivers most l have Xcal2 nice machine somehow l am a new member and l am called Chick prizm l see many old names and new ones l would like to everyone l was T.q addict l have a picture of me and my best friend a Husky named Buddy and he was so to everyone when you see a post from Chick prizm it's me Chick now let's see if I can send this POST l will turn 65 November 9 2019 feel younger guess we all do miss everyone l don't care if I am newbie l really am oldie talk to all soon thanks Chick


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Welcome back. I have been here since 2008 but I don’t detect much anymore. I have stayed to keep up with all the friends I have made here. I have taken a few breaks but friends won’t let me stay gone long.