ode to the pull tab

I wanted to put this out because I admire the hearty souls who have the patience and constitution to dig pull tabs. I know my doggone detector goes off on everyone and after a while I just want to find some change. My patience level hits way to early, something thats a work in progress.

Oh detector sound the tone just right,
To make me sure that something bright,
lurks just beneath the gritty ground,
pulsing out that noble sound.
The color of the evening sun, it glistens in the earthen grave
the gold that all us hunters crave.

Heart hastens as I take my tool, digging like a silly fool
Into the depths I plunge cold steel, eye's a-tuned and fingers feel
my fingers down the hole plunge in....
Revealing more aluminum:icon_frow
continuing for ya.

...now removed from its Earthen Grave,
a tarnished PullTab that none shall crave,
discarded from a beverage can it did once adorn,
recovered by many, and revered with scorn. :mad:

I love your start so far. Please continue...:bow:


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As in every weekend, Buster has dug a pull tab again. Not real good, but it still happens every time out...Buster....:mean:
Luv the ode, not the pull-tabs!

Nice work Warrant - looks like you have started something. Too late to pull back now! Gotta luv them pull-tabs or go nuts. Also gotta dig every one because you never know when it is really a ring worth having.
Thanks for the relief!
Happy hunting - all that's not a pull-tab!:lol::wave:


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Another Verse...

...another tab exhumed from an earthen grave
not an item of which I crave;

It's fickle signal disguised as gold
is quickly becoming pretty damned old;

But, alas - to the pull tab I must give it's due
for without it, I'd have nothing to share on TQ!
Love the poem, I'll add my 2 cents worth:

It rings up as a nickel, so I dig it out,
"Another darn pulltab!", I scream & shout,
I'm tired of digging up these stupid things,
Why can't you be money & pretty rings?


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O' pull-tab, O' pull-tab, I must admit
hearing your tone, my heart races a bit.
If truth be told, your shape is quite functional.
I can string you on a necklace
or make items educational.

Look what you've done!
We all are a mess.
What other tiny items could cause so much stress?

You used to have a tail, but now you do not.
Sometimes you cause pain like a bad booster shot.


Big bill we would still be mad because we would be cursing ourselves for all the ones we threw away.
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Ebay Value??
5000 ALUMINUM POP TOP SODA CAN PULL TABS. COLA.BEER.TAB - (eBay item 290182118938 end time Nov-22-07 15:30:22 PST)

Gosh, and I thought they were desirable collectible little thingies, and valuable too. :multi: :lol: :multi:Just the thing when the gold and silver market goes bust. :icon_roll A ready supply, and a lot of practice to collect them. :banghead: We'll be rich! :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks :doh:
I am pleased that everyone enjoyed and participated in the poety! You are wonderful writers and eloquent in delivery. That underscores the very heart of who you all are and presents a very nice picture of the treasure hunters personalities.
I haven't a doubt that we would all like each other immensly if we met personally. For the moment though it's enough that you have shared a little insight into your hearts and taken the timne to share it with us all.
Thank You for the kind words and may your Thanksgiving holidays be filled with the warmth and love of the season and your families.


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And so the Pull Tab Story Goes
Of how it brings so many woes
To those who seek a shiny thing
Like some Silver or Golden Ring

But at last when they claim their Find
Once again it's Pull Tab Time
Just once they wish it would not be
That pesky alluminun S.O.B

They move on to dig the next hole
Wearing the look of a Pull Tab Soul
They get a Tone, It sounds so Fab
Then Oh *&$%^# Another Pull Tab

Had to get in on the fun. :lol: