ode to the pull tab

Now that I see haiku is appreciated here...

happy thoughts again!
a promise of hidden gold;
little metal tab

I dig them, but I hate them!:rolleyes:



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I just read this thread for the first time today..enjoyed it much..heres some more from me..

The sound in the ground
it sounded so sweet
so down i dig to that beep between my feet
thru the sand and into the ruble
where are you now? your giving me such trouble.
Deeper i go.. i won't give up yet
in there somewhere your gold i bet...
i'm close now your gonna be mine
sure hope i did not wasted my time..
a glint in the hole..
oh can it be?
silver perhaps
a thrill in me..
Now i got you
you little hidden bugger..
Oh crap! not again don't be another!
Up from the hole arrises the tab
plucked from the deep
i see i've been had..
But more treasure awaits
buried below
and i'm sure does treasures next door friend..
Mr. Pull Tab don't you know!

Just a quicky for you all..LOL Mikey


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Thats a good one. I thought about making a necklace out of the pull tabs I found, but I realized it would be about a 1000 feet long!!!


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I wanted to put this out because I admire the hearty souls who have the patience and constitution to dig pull tabs. I know my doggone detector goes off on everyone and after a while I just want to find some change. My patience level hits way to early, something thats a work in progress.

Oh detector sound the tone just right,
To make me sure that something bright,
lurks just beneath the gritty ground,
pulsing out that noble sound.
The color of the evening sun, it glistens in the earthen grave
the gold that all us hunters crave.

Heart hastens as I take my tool, digging like a silly fool
Into the depths I plunge cold steel, eye's a-tuned and fingers feel
my fingers down the hole plunge in....
Revealing more aluminum:icon_frow
I loved it all the way until the end. I think you could have done a better job on the end.
The end put me in mind of a Anthony Winner selffy