Okay, guys (and gals!)...

Does anyone have pics of dowsing finds-or stories of finds for that matter. NOT something you located while practicing that you knew it's location-let's hear them. Thanks:coffeecup


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My Story

Hey Slingshot this is a true story... First up what u guys call Dowsing, here in Oz it is called Devineing, plus the use of rods or wire u can also use a forked stick. I got my power or skill or what ever u want to call it from my Father, he was able to find water underground tell u how deep it is, if it is good water or brakish (no good to drink). IF the pull got stronger the stream would probably run into a much larger stream. He could also devine gemstones with this method. That was done with the same type of gemstone in his pocket. One of my Sisters that has pass on could do the same as Dad.

When we lived in a place Called Rosedale outside Bundaberg, a Water Drilling Rig had set up to find water for the local Sports Club to help to water there oval, when we got there the Rig was already working so Dad looked around for a good piece of wire two bits even better but could only find one to make it into a rod, with that he held it up at a safe distance over from the Rig and could tell how deep they had to Drill to find water and which way the water was running.

Now mate this has mainly been about how to find water, and the part about gemstones which i have never done, as to having a go at finding other Treasures i am yet to do that also. :grin:

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My Dads grandpa could do it, he said it would split the fork or twist bark off in his hands if it was a very good source. He witched many a water well in this part of the country many many years ago. He only missed one and that was by a few inches. He told them to go deeper and about 6" later they hit water. He couldn't wear a watch long before it got magnitized(about 2 months or less), and gave them to my dad to play with and he would get them going again. My Dad tried, & can't for some reason, and My moms grandpa could also, and when he lived with us he had me try it with a fork from a pear tree when I was about six years old and it worked. Its weird that my brother can't but I can, but it used to make my Mom mad that I was breaking my watches after a month or two.If they layed in a drawer for 5 or 6 monthes they started working again. Battery power watches do the same thing(batt drain) even with new batts.If I wear them for a just a few days they are ok, but now I use a cell phone for the time. I have found a few things including mason jar lids, and a very old German Silver serving spoon under our backyard sidewalk. I marked the spots and my brother checked them with a metal detector and got signals; lifted the slab and there they lay.They had been there since the early 1900's.Now I'm going at it again and also trying pendulum, and long distance dowsing too.
We're about to get there.....

the silver spoons was interesting because it was something other than water or pipes. I'm about to get interested in trying it on treasure-keep up the encouragement with those stories.:coffeecup
I have been able to locate underground electrical lines with a set of rods that I got from Pappy. A private school that I do some business for was putting in some irrigation lines - they had several lines running to scoreboards that i was able find - amazed the financial manager there! LOL
I am going to try this year at my luck with treasure!