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I got an old bounty hunter at a yard sale. It is a BH Outlaw 290. I can't seem to find any information on it. I have a request out to brokendetector.com, but have yet to recieve a response. Anyone used this model? Any one have a general idea? It has a manual ground balance, tuning, volume, discrimination, and on knob with the options : all metal, SPD, tr and battery check. Thanks for any help or information you can provide.

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So, the only bit of information I've gleaned so far is that the version I have was renamed "Red Baron". If this helps to identify how to use it and if you have a manual, GREAT!!!




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Old Red Baron?

I might help you out with your BHunter. Does your metal dectector,has a push button on the handle, to pinpoint and to switch from all metal to spd, or spd to TR. Your controls have 2 to the left 1 control to right and headphone jack plug-in to the bottom right. Then I might help you out.

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Bounty Hunter IB200

I got an IB 200 off of E-Bay. I would like to get some information about this machine. I would appreciate any help you all could give me. Yes I am a sucker for old things. Nothing like getting to basics to learn a new hobby.
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De Outlaw 290 And Ib200

The DE Outlaw 290 is basicly a Red Baron that was sold thru Montgomery Wards in the late 1970's or early 1980's. So if you need an instruction manual look for it under the "Red Baron" name. This was an early model motion detector which required one to whip it along very fast to get any response. It also had a TR mode which required no motion. The IB200 was an early model TR detector. I believe that this was a straight TR model with no discrimination. Some of the early model TR's, although having no discrimination, would null over small ferrous objects such as old square nails. They had good target separation and they would see a coin next to this small rejected iron object. Most of the more modern detectors can not do this! They also made an IB100 and an IB300. Not sure of what the differences would be from each respective model. Hope this helps......JOE