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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diggerbarns, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Diggerbarns

    Diggerbarns Member

    I,m looking at how much $ these older units are bringing on ebay.The coinmasters use a dial readout and must weigh a ton compared to the newer units.Someone please tell me why they bring so much money? Are they better in some way compared to say my whites prizm 5 ?
  2. IronClad

    IronClad Member

    Some people have shallow pockets... ??? JK :biggrin:

    Its a SECRET us veteran Conimaster users only know.....but I'LL tell ya anyway since you asked.

    Fact is, there are many reasons. One is, they are good,,, very good, especially the 6000 Series of units. Solidly built, Dependable, and Accurate. These units were work horses and in the hands of an experienced user, will keep up with the new top of the line units made by anyone.

    Correct me if I'm wrong,,, but in the 70's, White's was making the Coinmaster IV, CM V, and the CM 6 Db Series, which were excellent detectors. Then in the late 70's early 80's they introduced the Coinmaster 6000 D, 6000 D S2, 6000 Di, 6000 Di S3 series and so forth.

    With the 6000 D Series came the new GEB ( Ground Exclusion Balance )Technology, which was the ability to cancel the ground minerals while operating in the VLF / Discrimination Mode simultaneously. This allowed the detector to detect deep, ground cancel and disc all at once.....:yikes:.

    Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Compass and others jumped on the band wagon with this technology and it took off. It worked well then and still does.

    Another reason is, many of us users who owned these units still prefer them over the newer digital detectors. Yes , they are heavy (unless hip-mounted), battery hogs, Analog meters, push button mode changing/pinpointing, manual ground balance, tuning ...etc.,, a knob fest of adjustments. But, many people still want them and will pay a premium price to own one.

    I just sold my Ace 250 and my Tesoro Tejon. What am I using ??... 2 White's Eagles and a 6000 Di S3. I started with a 6000/D S2 unit, and I know what I can do with one. I just need to get to places that are not cleaned out yet. I LIKE the new detectors, but I LOVE the old 6000's, and will always own one, and I'm not alone.
  3. bigbillinsc

    bigbillinsc Active Member

    he hit it right on the head

    i just rebuilt a coinmaster 6000Di series 3.

    i own a whites prizm3 that is just about a year old. it is a good machine, and has never let me walk away empty handed.but even when i hunt with out the wife (she prfers the prizm) i still use the 6000di...

    like iron clad said. heavy as a brick, loves eatin batteries, but all that battery juice is going to signal that drive the coil and senseing amp. no bells and no whistles... just a good solid tone when ya hit the good stuff. when you hit treasure with these machines ya know it. yes i dig a lot of junk with mine becasue i run all metal. but when it is ground balanced if it is with in diggin depth. this machine will tell you it is there. and pin point is dead center of that 8 inch coil.

    it heavy and some may even say ugly.... but it will find the treasure.

    hope this helps ya some

    happy huntin
  4. Diggerbarns

    Diggerbarns Member

    I,m eyeballing a 6000 Di pro and a 6000 Xl pro I was wondering if anyone knows the difference in these.I can get either for nearly the same price,and both are nice.Which is better?
  5. IronClad

    IronClad Member

    The XL Pro is the next upgrade from the Di Pro. Both have the Auto Trac Feature. The Di Pro is the Blue Box unit and has the Toggle Switch.

    The XL is a newer unit and also has the GEB/SAT Feature. The SAT is the Self Adjusting Threshold. Keeps the Threshold Tone stable and prevents it from drifting, so you don't have to constantly reset it by pulling the trigger.

    I had an XL Pro and sold it...:doh:,,,:banghead:. Some people swear its the BEST Detector White's ever made. Both are nearly identical except for the SAT Feature, and one is Blue, the other Black,,, and the XL is newer. Same Batteries, Meter, Loops, everything.

    All depends on what your willing to spend for one. I guarantee the XL Pro will command a higher price.

    P.S. Don't outbid me... I'm watching a 6000 on Ebay also....:biggrin:
  6. PABill

    PABill Guest

    I agree with the other posts that the 6000 line was probably one of the best. I had a 6000 di/pro and sold it. :doh: I sold it when I bought my XLT. I love the XLT but I wish I would have kept the 6000 and a second machine. You can beat the weight problem by going hip mount. I had one of those as well and it does help 100%. I does eat some batteries but as BigBill said the power was going to the coil. If you have the opportunity to pick one up at a fair price do it!! You won't be sorry. :grin:
  7. Goldie_Horn

    Goldie_Horn New Member

    Whites coinmaster 5000/DBH metal detector...i was reading your post about the 6000 ..so are the 5000 worth while buying ....cheers
  8. Hank McMauser

    Hank McMauser Member

    rebirth of thread

    I've been away for a few months so I just now happened upon this thread I'll just also add that after learning to use my my 6000 di ser 3 ,when I get a good strong signal It's almost as if you can "feel" it, it may just be me but the more I became familiar with the machine the more it seems true,and after trying out my dad's fisher f-2 it seems as if your not in connection with the machine just blips,and beeps when using a digital machine.

    with the 6000 I can watch the needle sweep,and hear the tonesand it just speaks to me,I don't know any other way to describe it:bthumb:
  9. homefire

    homefire Well-Known Member

    Just this week I purchased a CoinMaster from one of our members!:biggrin: I plan on refurbing it and Make it work until it's 70 like the rest of us! Ha!!!!!!

    Like someone else said, They talk to you with the tones. With some of the newer batteries, it's not so bad!

  10. majorjer

    majorjer New Member

    you may be just the man to explain the 6000 Di series 3 modes of operation..i hope

  11. Company F

    Company F Well-Known Member

    I have a White's Coinmaster 5900DI Professional Series. I still use it quite a bit. Yes it's heavy, yes it eats up some C-cells, but I still enjoy this detector. One great machine.

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  12. homefire

    homefire Well-Known Member

    Yep! the old ones talk to you if your willing to listen!

    I just gave one away on a contest we had.

    Not because it did not work. Not because it did not produce.

    I found a few grams of gold with it looking for the right spots of black sand.

    I even passed on some of the Gold I found because of the unit with it!

    I move on to a other Unit Some one here gave one to me. It a old timer too!

    A Garrett American S3 VLF/TR 15khz is hot on gold it's self in lue of black sand containing gold.

    People like to interpret the finds some times.

    I my self will not except a computer telling me Dig, Don't Dig!

    If I was a coin digger, I would avoid one like the plague.

    It it tells you it's a pull tab and you walk away, the next person is going to dig it and find a Pull Tab or a small Gold Ring!.

    My machines as old as they are are like RADAR!

    You hear the tones, or not.

    I can tell you if the target is long, Skinny, Fat, On edge or a few other things just by the return sounds.

    What is between my ears is my computer.

    You all can use your ID, VID, Coin Cont actor or what to hell all you want.

    I only have a few Brain Cells left and Plan on using them to the End.


  13. riversea

    riversea Member

    Thanks for the post. learned alot.
  14. dayn

    dayn New Member

    I just bought a 6000 di series 3 at a garage sale for $25, it had the old time recharge battery but no charger, my neighbor and friend has one of those bags with a line that connects to his heart (I cant remember what its called) anyway, it will shut down after the batteries reach 75% power, so consequently he has to change the batteries when they are still charged, so he's been giving me those C-cells at the rate of about 24 per week. I was gonna get a charger but since I'm getting the free batteries .......

    Oh, and its a great machine, a lil heavy, but not as bad as my weedeater....:lol:
  15. ohiochris

    ohiochris Member

    I started out with a coinmaster 5900 and would definately NOT go back to it. Unless you are a veteran detectorist that likes to reminiss about the old days chances are you will not appreciate these older machines at all. They were and still are good machines and are still better quality than SOME of the low budget modern detectors but they are also harder to read, and use...not to mention how big and heavy they are. One of the benefits of these older machines is they are nearly indestructable....for an electronic machine and will take a lickin and keep on tickin. I used my 5900 until something eventually went wrong with it and then listed it on ebay as needing repairs and thought I might get $50 out of it but the auction closed at around $200. Seems somebody out there who had never used a metal detector before thought it looked like a "neat" detector ( heres an example of whats going on with the price ). When I shipped it I sent half the money back, I didnt want to take advantage of somebody and they were definately getting ripped off , and since I only expected about 50 dollars it was no loss for me. But the whites classics and tesoro umax's Ive had since then have far outdone the old 5900 D ,....and the ace 250 I have now has me happier than all of them, tho they had certain qualities the 250 dont. At the end of the day ease of use and how much pain you do or dont have in your arm/shoulder , and how many worthwhile targets you have dug.. are whats important, and the newer detectors have got it nailed. Just my opinion.
  16. dayn

    dayn New Member

    Dang chris Ive only had this thing a week and now you got me thinking about upgrading already......:cute:

    Seriously though, I want to use this one awhile and maybe get a better one and keep this as a backup. I'll have to look into those detectors you mentioned.
  17. ohiochris

    ohiochris Member

    I wasnt trying to knock anybodys detector. Those older ones do work and are enjoyable in their own right. They still find a lot and in the hands of someone who knows them well they are definately an asset. Especially if you already own one.....no reason to get rid of it. I just think, and feel most would agree...that newer ones will definately increase your finds , even where you have already "hunted out" the area with the old models. The old coinmasters still apparently have a decent resale value so that says a lot about them.
  18. dayn

    dayn New Member

    No offence taken chris, I would like to check out one of the newer ones. Theres a whites dealer in town, I might just go by and see what the new ones are like.

    CRIMEDOG New Member

    Whites coinmaster 6/db geb

    A few months ago I picked up a whites coinmaster 6db/geb, off ebay. It didn't come without its problems. I talked to the forum and received much helpful information. I finally decided 45 bucks plus parts was a fair price for repairs from WHITES. Yesterday I received an email stating that it is repaired. I'm looking forward to the experience as I believe it will give me years of enjoyment. Thank you for your useful input.
  20. superduty

    superduty Member

    My bros operated one for 25 years and walks behind me when I'm using my Priz 3 and finds all types of coins. I have a ID meter on mine and he uses tone only. I think the meter has me in th ewrong mind set and i pass things up caus eth emeter sai=ys its foil or pull tabs and he digs all strong tones. I have since stiopped even looking at my meter and going by tone and it has helped. The meter and depth gauge is just a distraction and a option used to sale the machine to folks who have misconceptions about the whole MD process.

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