One way of posting your pics in TQ

Steve in PR

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This is a guide to help you post your pics in your threads. This is not the only way to do it, but, it is how I do it and I wanted to share it with anyone who was looking for an easy way to add pictures to your posts. I am hoping others will add their methods to this thread.

Here is a great way to post pictures and, after you use it a few times, it gets real easy.

The first thing you have to do is set up an account on a website called Photobucket.

It’s free and you can post a lot of photos on it.
Here’s a link:

Once you have your account, all you have to do is to upload your picture to Photobucket.

Click on the button that says "Choose Files" to locate your picture on your computer. Select the picture and click 'Open'. It will upload to Photobucket.

Once it is in Photobucket, you just highlight the IMG Code in the box under the photo and left click it.

A little yellow box that says "Copied" will briefly appear. This means it is ready to be pasted to your post on TQ.

Go to your thread in TQ. Figure out where you want to insert it and right click and paste at that location.

Preview to make sure all is okay then "Submit" to post and that’s it.

If you have any ?’s, let me know.


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thanks for the advice on that...i wanted to be able to place pics inside of the story...and thats perfect...i'll give it a try tonight i think.:bthumb:


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Thanks Steve, I've not used photobucket in the past but have seen plenty of members on other forums using it. I had thought that there was a charge for the service, guess I was wrong. Most of my stories have embedded photos so this is a big help because until now I had to post my stories to a different forum that allows me to embed pics and then copy the whole story (pics and all) to the TQ site.


New and still having problems with posting pic's

I tried photobucket and could not get it to work. Who knows it was probably something I am doing wrong. When I click on the icon above with the mountains and small square it brings up a window that request a url address. Then I enter the address for photobucket and click ok but it just adds a blank square with no image. Do you have any suggestions?

I am trying to attach a photo of some arrowheads for identification.

I really like TQ's site and I am very glad I stumbled across it.

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Dave Armbruster
to post a picture from photobucket to the forum , use the IMG link under your picture in photobucket , copy and paste it directly into the reply box with your post .

its the bottom one when you hold the cursor over your pictures .


Mrs. ScubaMike

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I am just trying this experiment

I want to try to post a photo this way, so I can do it for the photo contest. You don't have to look ...
PS - it worked! I am so happy! Now I am going to put my entries in Photo Contest #55 -- this is NOT one of them! :)



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One word of wisdom on Photo Bucket.

Label your photos Numerically.

That way you can keep track of what is what.

If you label them as per content or Item you will find tons of people using your photo's for there own purposes.

They start to show up on a Item Photo Search. IE GOOGLE DONKEYS PHOTO.



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I use PhotoBucket.

I have 3,000 photos there,,
I can put a pic in my text,,

I can make it bigger,,,

I can l@@k at you close,,

Or upside down,,,

It makes postin more fun,,,

Happy Huntin,



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I use it all the time.
I double click the pic & then copy & paste it to forums.
The pics are slightly larger that way........see ya yardhunter
You can set the size of the pics when you down load them.

I use large for my finds.

I use smaller for funny pics in text.

Oh, OK, so it aint that funny, but its fun...

Happy Huntin,


Ray ECenFL

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Tower 2.JPG

First attempt to post a picture. This is known as The Westcott Tower on the island of Antigua in the West Indies, Leeward Islands.
Used to be a sugar mill and was converted into a home.

I just chose one of my saved photos that was stored on my computer and uploaded it using the Upload a File button.

Ray ECenFL