Orange County Ca laws

I bought me a metal detector and want to play with it at
New Port Beach Ca. on the beach

Is there any local laws or regulations I need to be aware of?

Any permits?


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As far as I know Beaches are open hunting...down here anyway...There are a few in Ca that might have a better answer for you...Pris, and John are in California...Also welcome to Treasure Quest and Happy Hunting.....Buster...:icon_cool


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Welcome to TQ! I agree with what Buster said - as far as I've seen, you're OK on open beaches...but again, as Buster said - Pris and John are resident experts - and I'm sure they'll jump in here shortly...happy hunting!

Steve in PR

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Paul is Dead (formerly My Detector Smokes) is another member from that area and he hunts the beaches there all the time. Just watch out for the tractors with the rakes! I hear they are vicious! :eek:


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Don't know about CA, but in MD I know of one that's off limits between Memorial and Labor Days, and there's also a few off limits at the Outer Banks of NC.
ca beaches

Hi,your ok at the ca. beaches ,,long beach,, will rogers st beach,,dockwiler,,
ect ect,,,i belong to the Antelope Valley Treasure Hunters Club, (shamless plug), and we have club outings at alot of the so. cal beaches,,and members are allways there,,but watch the rakes:yikes:


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Was camping in an area north of San Francisco.. Asked the Ranger about detecting on the beach.
Her answer was "no problem as long as your not trying to make a living out of it."
Once I was able to get my breath back and wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard, God I love humor like that, I said "No problem, if I had to live off what I found I'd be making tomato soup from hot water and ketchup on a good day.."
Anyway, less Orange County has it's own rules, remember your talking California here, beaches seem good to go.


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Welcome to T.Q Dan looks like the beaches in you're area are a good to you're finds please would like to see what you guys find there in Sunny cal. Thanks!


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Welcome to TQ...some sweet answers here and I got to hand to to TwoDogsBob...that was hilarious....good luck in your future hunts...


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No problems hunting Newport Beach. Just remember to: carry off the garbage, fill in your holes and give the beach dwellers some space as you hunt around them.

Thanks to you all for your responses.

I used my cheap little metal detector to find a pipe and the septic tank lid in my back yard
and it occurred to me that it might be fun to try one on vacation.

Any place to rent equipment in Orange County?

And no, I don't expect to get rich



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Good luck in SoCal. I'm not too sure about places to rent equipment. All the beaches are public and no problem to hunt. Even the ones with homes are good, you just might have to walk to them instead of parking real close.

I sure wish you luck and hope you enjoy your stay down here. Sorta cloudy all this week, so I home you come when it's nice and sunny. HH!!