Looks like no matter where I go I just cant get much of a review on the Outlaw. I know 53 silver has some great vids and he is about as knowledgeable as they get. I was just wondering if anyone here owns one and how they like it. Im guessing with all the new stuff out and the dry conditions everywhere people just cant get out as much.
...Ok..this is my 2 cents...the Outlaw had a bad initial review due to the way it was unveiled to the public....now that the dust has settled....and I have read a lot of comments and posts on the Outlaw...to me it is an Updated Tesoro Bandido....I personally use and like the Plastic encased under the pole Bandido I....it is very fast response and goes deep...liteweight....it has the manual Ground Balance control so it can be tweaked to the utmost....all of these controls I see on the new Outlaw....I have Not had the opportunity to try out the Outlaw yet but if it performs similar to the Bandido then it will be the detector of choice to get....just my take on things.....Joe


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Relatively newer machine, not too much info out there...I like Tesoro and run two models...the Compadre and the Sand Shark, both are keepers...