Palm Beach County , Florida

Hello. My name is John and I've been lurking around the TQ forums for the last few days getting tips from everyone. Lots of great tips at that.

I'm an adventurer like many, most, if not all of you. I've always dug around in shell pits for fossils and whatever else I could find. I've always hunted the beaches for shells and dug in the sand looking for treasures...but never with a MD.

Lately I've been thinking about getting in to MD'ing in and on the beaches in this area because of the amount of people that visit the beaches here and because of all that gold from the shipwrecks around Jupiter , FLA, which is very close by,and have been doing the research for those types of enviroments... I do plan on and will get to them, but reading through these and other forums I have found other area's that have piqued my intrest... The undeveloped woods in my area.

In this area there isn't very much undeveloped land, but there is some and I have been looking at it with the aerial and sattelite imageing tools found on the internet. I'm having a hard time seeing beneath the tree's and getting a good look and the ground enviroment, whether it is sand, marsh, or swamp:banghead: ... I'm using the ArcWeb Explorer and can use any help I can get.

I chose this area because I use to romp around in it when i was a kid 25+ years ago... Much of it has been turned into a dump and alot of it has been taken over by the water management folks and has been fenced in.

We use to called it dinosaur creek, (It's only called this by us who called it that) because the rocks were shaped like huge dino bones... great fishing there too.

There's been alot of speculation about the history of this county concerning it's true history but it mostly concerns the Tequesta, Seminole and Black Seminole indians... I'm thinking probably much farther back than that...Pre 1500's and earlier. Maybe back to the sabertooth days.

Anyways... Is there anyone in or around the Palm Beach County area that might know how to scout these area's or would be willing to buddy up to scout them or possibly know more than I can presently find out about them?...Is there a detector that will detect fossils?

The area is dangerous,... snakes of the worst kind, bugs of the worst kind and of course the florida state bird (The Stick Mosquito) and only god and outlaws knows what else, probably quick sand and gators too.

A question about the forums.... If i choose to write about my adventures, is this the right place to do it, should I make a thread about it in another section of the forums, or should I just do a blog about it?

I'm looking forward to learning from you folks and sharing with you my own tales... thanks for stoppin' by an sharing your tips.


If you are talking about your various finds I think the place would be in the FINDS topic on the forum.
If you want to tell about where or how you hunt and your experiences try doing it in the General Discussion section.
There are plenty of newer & older members unsure of where a post should be so don't be nervous about where to make a post.
Just try to put it wherever you feel it would fit into the most appropriate topic.

Everyone on here is very friendly and easy to get along with, so just jump right in there.


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:wavey: Hello John and welcome to TQ. You might also check out TQ's blog section. You could always start a blog to tell everyone abut your treasure hunting adventures, just a thought.
Good Luck

Welcome to TQ. I am looking forward to your adventure Stories. Hope you find lot's. Happy hunting and be careful out there. Snakes, bugs, YUCK:wavey:
TQ welcome and tips TY

Thanks for the welcome and the tips.

I think I'll go with the blogging to record the experiences... Do I have to start my own blog on another site or does this site provide one?
Hi John, welcome and glad to have ya. Sounds like you do some serious exploring. I wish I could go with you but I'm much too far away! Ok God Bless John and be careful out there.

John Tomlinson,CET P=VI
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I don't know what's up with posting, but it seems like I keep logging out during a post and when I submit it, it tells me that I needed to be logged in to do that, so some of my initial thoughts are lost.

Hey John,

Yeah, I'm not as bullet proof or in as good as shape as I use to be, but exploration has sunk it's hooks into me once again... Yep, safety first.

With a little nudge I decided to go ahead and start bloggin' about it... I'm not a good writer, but some of the situations we run into and the things we find and don't find make for some good reading, and I like to reflect on them and learn from the experience.

Thanks for the friendly welcome. I look forward to swappin' idea's and stories with ya.
Mighty fine business John and I hope to chat with you more. Out here I have to be very careful where I step even in my own yard. Yep I am in the land of the Mighty Diamondback Rattler. Ok John I hope you have many adventures and CU later. God Bless.

John Tomlinson,CET P=VI
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Oh yes John, I have the same here, if I take too long to post it times out.
Hey Knobertfinds,

Thanks for the welcome, and your right... Every time I come here I learn something new. Just the other day I pulled up an old medicine bottle, where as I wouldn't had even given it a second glance if I didn't read about it here.

Lookin' forward to sharin' some stories:bthumb: