panning for gold in pa??

Discussion in 'Prospecting for Gold' started by KbrojoUSMC, Apr 7, 2010.

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    has anyone heard of panning for gold in south central (harrisburg pa.) pa is there gold to be found.? i spoke to a local pawn shop owner who said that this area is known for gold? is this true. i recently ordered a panning kit and i am waiting for it in the mail... Kyle USMC
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    I heard down near the York County area they have been finding color.
  3. Glenn

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    The geological formations of the mountains north and northeast of Harrisburg would show elements indicative of gold's presence but I have never seen any, found any or even run across persons looking for it.

    I am told that most gold found in Pennsylvania is about the size of a grain of sand.

    You could try panning in Manada Creek, in the vicinity of the old Rehers' Tavern. I guess it's quite possible some Pennsylvania National Guard artillery shells slamming into the first and second mountains back on the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation busted some gold loose and sent it tumbling into the head waters of the Manada.

    However, if you are going to pan there, be prepared for some strange stares from trout fishermen. Gold panning is not a common thing here in Pennsylvania. It is my belief that anyone doing it, is keeping their mouths shut and signs of their activities under wraps. That's just an opinion.

    Happy hunting.
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    I have been told that gold is everywhere. It's the concentrations of it that vary. I plan on panning soon myself. Never done it, but know others who enjoy it.
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    Give it a go! Even if you don't find gold in your area, who knows what else you may stumble across while in the great outdoors - and it will give you panning experience for when you go to an area that will more likely produce some color...
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    Welcome aboard!

    I'm located in Chambersburg, PA, where are you located? This is a great forum and I'm sure you will find it a great place to hang out. I have created a map of Pennsylvania members of TreasureQuest that I know of so you might find someone in your area. good luck
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    I saw an event posted under the sphrc's website, located below. Might be an educational day out!

    July 31 2010 Gold Panning Seminar

    Spring Valley County Park, east of Exit 2 of Interstate 83. York, PA. Gold panning is not permitted within the park, except for the York County Parks' annual "Gold Panning Seminar", held the last Saturday of July from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.
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    I'm in SPHRG and I am going to the panning event. It is the only day you can pan there. There are other places in the top left and right of the state due to glacial deposits. I tried to find the map but had trouble. Check PA DCNR's site. I know it is there somewhere. You can also check on by mineral or state.
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    Hopefully this will post.It is a PDF file of Glacial Drift activity in PA

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    I have done some studying on the subject. I have panned one stream. Only found black sand. There are known spots in Wyoming Co. I have a sister living there and my nephew and I are going to give some of the spots a shot in a couple of weeks. They have good contacts with local land owners so hopefully we can set-up sluicing operations on any finds.
    Don't expect much and then only fine gold. Seems like the deposits have been carried from Canada. Not many hardrock gold mines in PA!
    I will post after we have pulled the easy stuff:lol::spin:

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