hey new here...i have an older bountyhunter..its a tracker 1-D/505 ...i have lost one of the battery doors and even tho i know i could just put tape over the battery...i would rather try to find someone who has a battery door laying around that i could possibly buy or if anyone feels generous they could send it to me...its hard to do any detecting with the 9 volt battery flopping around hanging on its wires...any help would be greatly appreciated...or if anyone knows where i can find a replacement door that would help too...i contacted bounty hunter and they dont have any battery doors for my model...thanks all and im glad to be aboard


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Might want to contact Homefire..he has a home for all detectors that folks don't want...If he doesn't have it, then he would know where to look..he is good like that..and also he is a pirate ans that is not a bad thing around here..Chuck.....:biggrin:


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hello and welcome to TQ. hope you can find a door, dont want dirt getting inside. if all else fails duct tape to the rescue. i held a convertable top together on a cutlass when i was a kid for two years with duct tape.:lol: and now you can get it in colors.


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Hi and welcome to TQ, glad to have you with us!

Until you find a battery door, you could buy some velcro tape, put a piece in the battery compartment and a piece on the battery.