pinpointer destroyed!


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My first pinpointer was an accufind from Garrett that came with my ace 350.
Being new to the scene I of course misused it. I would dig the tip into the packed dirt in the walls and bottoms of my holes trying to locate my targets. This led to the tip thinning and eventually wearing through. Needles to say that the next wet morning my pinpointer shorted out on me. Being as expensive as they r it took me a while to save up for a replacement. I use my clad finds for this. After looking them up for any valued ones of course.
So my tip is this, a pinpointer is not a shovel. Use it on the surface areas and find your tone. Then dig with your spade. Inadvertent tip, don't use bare hands. At least wear gloves but try to use a tool as much as possible unless searching for historical items. Tools can scar these items and depreciate their value drastically.
If you can't find a tone using the pinpointer repinpoint using your detector then either widen or deepen your hole accordingly. Then try pinpointing again. This may seem like a hassle but it will save you at least a hundred bucks a pop on new pinpointers. Rember, they are just plastic and will not hold up to packed dirt and rocks.
If by chance you hav already worn a hole into the tip. A little appoxy can help keep you going for a little while longer. Hope this helps and happy hunting.


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OK for that one I would use the silicone caulk or even liquid electrical tape. If you find yourself needing a pin pointer before the ordered one comes in you can get one from Harbor Freight for about $12. Its not the best but its better in my opinion than the hand to coil method.


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Lol, again, wish I had known that months ago. I love this site. Thanks. I'll be at the beach Saturday so really all I'll need is my machine and the 3 qrt feed scoop that I just bought. Will be drilling holes in it tomorrow. I was going to use a half inch bit bit I think dimes will fall through. Any thoughts?


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The dimes won't fall through. You will need to get a magnet to catch steel/iron things and bobbie pins. Otherwise you will be finding that same target over and over again. The magnet can be glued in the scoop or if it has a hole in it you can use a screw.


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I had heard this idea before and it sounds like a good one. I have an old speaker magnet that the kids destroyed. I'll use that as it's not to big and heavy but has plenty of hold for its size. Thanks for the confirmation on the hole sizes

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The Garrett Company stands behind all of their products and has an excellent reputation in the after sales relationship with their customer. You can call them at anytime to ask questions about any problems that may arise while using their products.
I had a problem with my Pro Pointer when it got a little too muddied up. I sent it in to them and ended up with what looked like a new pointer. Now I have 2 because I will not go back to "Hand To Coil" searching again. I did that for too many years. lol
Before you order your AT PRO,, you may want to see if you can get a discounted package deal that includes a Pro Pointer.
Sometimes, you can get a good deal by letting other TQ members know that you are looking for a piece of equipment and what your budget will allow you to spend.


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A lot of the time I don't even have to use the pin point button.
Once you've centred the target from left to right.
All ya have to do is wriggle the coil from side to side about an inch either side
whilst pulling the coil back towards you.
When the signal cuts off the target is at the front tip centre of coil.
Try it, it's easy.


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I also don't use the pinpoint on the Pro because it is all-metal mode.
I do the "wiggle turn 90 degrees and wiggle again".
I do use the Pro Pointer "Religiously" though.
I think more for depth and looking in the plug or dug up dirt than anything else.
It's just a lot easier and faster than picking up the detector and going through the wiggle process over and over.


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R&R that was a good post and tips as well. You know there is a brand new waterproof pointer that just hit the market. Bill Ladd from Digfellas does a complete review on this pointer on Utube. It is very informative. This pointer is reasonably priced too in comparison with the Garrett Pro Pointer coming in at around $ 125.00. Christmas is just around the corner. Perfect Timing. HH Makro I believe is the name of the new pointer and they have two protective plastic sleeves that fit down snugly on the shaft of the digging end of the pointer so as to protect the pointer from excessive wear. I like the concept. I'll be keeping my Garrett's for the next while as they are still in good shape, but this is something I might consider down the road. If you get a chance check this out on Utube and see what you think. Just sayin'. Good Luck.
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