pinpointing with the 8" coil

Hi Everybody! I finally got so I could pinpoint pretty well with the 4" coil, but when I go back to the 8" coil everything goes to pieces. I end up with huge craters and sometimes never do find anything. If I can't narrow it down by making an "X" I put it in no-motion all-metal mode and try to locate the most intense sound. It works sometimes, but not very well. Sometimes I find the target but it's quite a bit off from what I thought the main sound was. I have a Pioneer 505, by the way, which everyone tells me is like the SS II. I've really practiced a lot and am just not doing very well. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks.



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Bury some coins and practice pinpointing. Also practice at school yards,easy pickens...Good Luck..Buster...:bthumb:


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You might also try putting some different coins and such, each taped to a piece of cardboard and marked on the backside. Run your coil over each one to try and find the sweet spot on your coil and learn the different tones. Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for all your suggestions, I've tried them and they're helping me to understand what I'm doing right and wrong. One important thing I'm finding out is that when there is a big problem, it usually is multiple targets - in my mind, I imagine someone losing a pocketful of change. But I'm working on that - isolating them - and I think there are good techniques to use in such cases. Thanks again.


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Iam wondering if the 505 from walmarts is the same as the sharp shooterII. anyone know? the walmart page doesnt show the face of the machine, makes ya wonder.. anybody goten the one from walmarts?



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It is always going to be harder to pinpoint with the bigger coil verses the smaller one. You hafta learn that sweet spot on each one. JC
Th way I've learned to pinpoint with my Pioneer 101 (it has no non-motion mode) is to raise the coil while x'ing the target - since the signal "shape" is similar to an inverted cone, the higher you raise the coil, the smaller the search area is (theoretically)... try that and see it it doesn't help you...

It should also help in identifying multiple targets - I encounter tons of those while hunting around the parking meters... sometimes I cannot distinguish one coin, but what I will do is raise my coil up until I get the closest thing to one solid hit, and then use my screwdriver to probe it out... once you clear one out, it becomes MUCH easiet to distinguish the separate items...


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pinpoint is not waterproof


pinpoint is not waterproof and it is inpossible to use in the water and use waterproof probe can detecting the coin under water 4 inch and whole probe made in ABS very strong and hard enough to moving in the beach to be used in the rain, mud or any wet place. :lol:

it is advance detector probe i love it MD2002D which better than MD2002B and MD2002
Pin Pointing

I have a BH SSII I also use the 4" and 8" coil. I have real good luck with the 4" coil pp the target.
I noticed thsi past Sunday if I use the two marks on the 8" coil, one on the left and right. Line the peak sounds with the two marks the target is just about center of the marks. I am going to work on this alittle more to make sure this is true. Had pretty good luck pp the target.
Hi Basset! What 2 marks on the coil are you talking about. Or are you making the marks yourself for reference. My problem might be determining what is "peak" sound. I saw a guy's MD which had a digital readout that showed bars lining up when he was on the right spot. Sound discrimination seems to me more imprecise. Also I think I get it figured out and I mark spots with golf tees; but then when I recheck after digging a while the marks are off. I'll be interested in your experimentation with this. Our machines are the same, so please keep me up to date. All the details please - no matter how elementary they seem to you. If I don't get some reliability I'm going to have to give up. It's too depressing. Thanks for your help.