Platinum or Land Ranger Pro

Looking for some expert opinions on which model to buy...

Parks, schools, beaches of the Great Lakes, and the occasional abandoned farm houses are the places we go hunting...

been using BH's for years and they have been good to me...I don't need some fancy name brand...

what I do need is a good detector with a little more modern features, better discrimination, and the option of manual ground balancing...



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Hi shadow zombie I have the platinum I bought it for a coin m/d and that it is , I don't use it much as I have 7 m/d but I can say for coins and silver rings its worth the money,it's light easy to set up 4 tones notch works good,not to sure about ground grab but I have found it a good detecter don't go near salt water,good on dry sand, good luck.
I had a Platinum and they are a good machine. I just got a New Land Ranger Pro but haven't had time to use it yet. It does have More features than the Platinum, 7 search modes, 4 tone audio, Ground Grab and manual ground balance, notch and notch width, to name some of them. I don't think you can wrong with either of them but the LR Pro does offer more.
LRP has manual GB. Platinum does not, and won't Ground Grab below 40. So forget salt water. LRP can GB to zero (salt) in AM and transfers to Disc 2,3 and 4 modes.

LRP can customize sounds (V-Break) and adjust width of notch and place the notch anywhere. This allows one to notch out a certain part of a segment rather than the whole segment (a nice feature for zeroing in on pull tabs).

LRP has VCO pinpointing. Ground Grab can be updated while in Disc 2,3 and 4 as well as AM. Platinum has to be in AM.

The Platinum has the nicer non S bar handle of the higher end units.

IMO, the LRP has much more to offer, but only if you stick with it and learn the 42 segment arc and tone configurations. The Platinum is cut and dry simple for turn on and go. Though, once set up, the LRP memorizes everything but GB on turning it off.